Gaming and Health: Snakebyte’s Wii Premium Fitness Board Review
by Antwand Pearman on December 15, 2010 at 02:33 AM EST

Finally another choice has arrived.

Like  GamerFitNation, Snakebyte believes in a healthy gaming lifestyle. Their newest product is a 3rd party version of the Nintendo premium balance board. Let me start off by saying, that as far as I knew the Wii Balance board was one of a kind, but now there’s another option to take the lead. Unlike the Nintendo’s brand, Snakebyte balance board comes in both black and white. The design is sleek and elegant along with built-in LED display, which gives it the look of a futuristic hover board straight out of The Movie Tron legacy. The number 1 thing that stood out was that a digital scale was added which was surprisingly accurate. My only issue with it was that, the digital Scale should light up when using it, this way you could see the numbers better.

It Glows

  • Premium Fitness Board for use with Nintendo Wii
  • Wireless connection through advanced Bluetooth  technology
  • Super sleek and elegant design
  • Pressure-sensitive weighing scale with  four sensors
  • Measure your weight and body’s balance
  • Solid craftsmanship for a maximum weight limit of 390 pounds
  • Compatible with Wii Fit

It does everything you expect a Balance Board should do


The board requires only 4 double “A” batteries and a simple set up in which you began a syncing process once you start a game. I chose to play “Wii Fit Plus” a game designed to capture everything a balance board could do, to be sure that Snakebyte’s  version was able to keep up. It was able to complete every task that the Nintendo version is able to do, while remaining just as comfortable. After using it, I realized the goal of this product was to be as close to the original product as possible. The Premium Fitness Board for Wii not only has matched the original product, but perfected it. At a retail price of $54.99, it’s a bang for your buck. Overall, we give the premium balance board GamerFitNation’s Seal of Approval.

Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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  • Blackbible

    I really enjoyed this product, very well made.

  • T_Tokyo

    The Black board is to die for!

    • Blackbible

      That’s the one I have :)

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