A Piece of Heaven on Earth
by Brittanyf on February 8, 2011 at 10:53 AM EST

Have you ever seen a child who has been through a lot at a young age? Four years ago this year,  I started helping at a camp called Camp I’m Still Me. I thought that I was just going to help at a camp and come back home. A teacher from school kept telling me that I should go, but I kept putting it off until four years ago.

Camp I’m Still Me (ISM) is a camp for children that have been burned. Some have major burns some have minor. There  were quite a few kids that touched my heart that first year. Although I have never been burned, I have the scars like they have. I have the skin graphs like they have. I have felt the loneliness they have. I know how it feels to get stared at like they have. So I felt right at home.

Sunday upon arriving, the kids were in the pool when I got there. There was a young boy name Remy who I will never forget. It was his first year at camp. He has been burned earlier that year, because his burns were somewhat fresh. He ran to the pool and ripped off his shirt . He said “I cant do this at home because someone will say something.” That brought tears to my eyes.  I knew that I was going to love this camp and it was just want I needed. I saw kids who were worst off than me. I saw kids who should have been dead, but were running around like they were free.

I have been working in the “Craft Shack” since I came to camp. I love being in the Shack, because I get to spend time with everyone. Since camp is in the summer, it is rather warm in Texas at this time. The kids are going to eventually get tired of being in the sun and want to come in and make crafts. I get to hear stories of how people were burned. I get to tell my story of my bus accident. We can talk about life, and the struggles that we have. It’s a place where life gets real and you realized how blessed you are.

I’m ready for camp this year, and I hope that my job will allow me to be off. It’s like one week of heaven on earth, that will put your mind in the right place. You stop complaining about the little things. You say thank you for the hard times in life. You love a little bit harder. You smile a little bit brighter. You remember what you have seen and keep the memories in your head and heart for a lifetime. Camp ISM will forever be a part of me because I’m still Me!


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  • Gregory Laporte

    can’t wait to hear your adventures at camp this year. GOOD WORK!

    • Brittanyf

      Thanks.. Im so ready to go right now!

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