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by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on February 14, 2011 at 01:44 PM EST

These bookends are pretty sturdy, I can vouch for that!

When LittleBigPlanet 2 was announced at E3 as being a platform for all games many of us did not know what we could expect. However, it was made clear in the coming months with all the info that we received. This was going to be a game where anything was possible. The only way it would stop being creative is when we stop putting creativity into it. The new items in the game include a grappling hook, the Creatinator which allows items to help you platform, and Power Gloves with which you can toss and move large objects.

Single Player:

The “Play, Create and Share” platform has come back for another round. Just as in Little Big Planet 1, the well loved character, Sackboy, is introduced. Sackboy allows gamers to explore the world either on your own or with four other players (on or offline).Gamers can learn and observe how Sackboy interacts physically with his surroundings. You’ll watch as Sackboy alters the world to fit his destination. There are fun and creative  stickers to collect and puzzles to solve. This time around, Media Molecule introduced new tools and equipment to guide him/her through the journey. Along with the cool new gadgets, you are also introduced to a cool but evil villain, Negativitron. Your job is to stop Negativitron from wreaking havoc on the planet and save Craft world. You’ll get the help of alliance which in this game are the good guys.

Its a great cast of people here!

You will meet a lot of different characters along the way and you will also visit a lot of different themed locals. Many of which are brilliantly executed. I absolutely loved how media molecule has expanded on the scale of these levels. LBP1 I thought MEHHH okay pretty good. LBP2, I’ll actually take a moment out and just adore the scenery. Certain levels are extended through through internal level links that bring you to the second area of a level. This game is just that good.

Unlike the original LBP, you are given a less complicated editor to aide in creating your own world. However, it still requires that Gamers take the time and master these settings. If your worried about learning how to work all of the items to make your own creations don’t be. There are more than 50 tutorials in the game that will help you get acquainted with the workings of being a master creator. After you finish the game there are several things that you can do so the fun never stops. There are tons of community levels which is what makes this game so special. The fun doesn’t stop in this game until you stop being creative.

Creativity is what makes this game so unique. If your reading this review and your thinking that I am wrong or that this game is not that good I want to ask you this. Take any game, movie, song, costume, etc  that you can think of and I can bet you that it has been recreated in LBP2 in some manner.


The simplicity of the gameplay still remains. Anyone can sit down, pick up a controller and enjoy what this game has to offer. The controls are so easy in the game that a caveman could it. ;-) X to jump/shoot, R1 to grab things and use some machines special abilities, analog to move around and other buttons as you come across different items. What makes the game so good is that its a simple platformer. You do not have to go out of your way to teach and old dog new tricks.

The introduction of new devices for you to use in each level bring about different ways to solve puzzles. I very much enjoyed having a cupcake hat even though I just finished working out and it made me hungry lol.  Now the introduction of these items in single player can also be used in creation. The only issue I have with this game is that certain times when you want your sackboy to jump into a certain area he won’t  jump. The background tends to suck you into the wrong area and you will get caught up in a place where you don’t belong. There will also be some areas where you will get stuck trying to jump out of a pile of blocks or bricks and the environment will kill you. It is nothing game breaking but, if you are on a run trying to ace a level it can be absolutely tedious and annoying to retry that level again.


Sackboy save us!

The guys at Media Molecule have created a monster of a game. My first thought when I began to play the game was that this was going to be an amazing game. The levels are beautifully done and the depth that was put into them can be seen through all of the details. The colors in the game are vibrant and work well together. The lightings brings out the environment and makes it seem like a real cartoon.

The music in LBP1 was one of those soundtracks that I found to be more enjoyable than other games. LBP2 is no different, the music gets you involved more deeply into the game and its soft on the ears. The voice acting in the game is great. If I may say, an inch away from perfection. Usually in games you tend to find one character that you don’t typically like due to his actions, or personality. In LBP2 all of the characters are fun and adorable to the point where you just have to love them.



I love Games like this

The online component in LBP1 was fairly decent with a lot of people enjoying much of what the community had to offer. LBP2 is pretty much the same with more stuff added into it. More stuff such as more online creation choices, stickers and new items to use. What makes this different is that fact with so much content in the online community they have made it easier to find things. You can filter out levels from LBP1 or LBP2. You can set it to just find levels that are single player, co-op, and you can also set it to look for levels that are based off of your favorite platform.

It is no surprise that this game will have a lot of DLC, whether it be costume packs or level kits. There is going to be something for everyone in this game. There was heavy support in the first one, so this should be no different. In the above picture you can see how different the online has become with the introduction of new elements to try to keep the series fresh for newcomers and players of old. There are literally millions of community levels for you to choose from. The selection is not small and there is a variety of things that you can pick from. The gameplay from the single player translates well into the multiplayer aspect, its what makes this game so good.


  • New items such as the creationator, a cupcake hat (YUMMY! :)), jumping rabbits, sackbots, and flying bees etc… introduce many new game play elements that can keep the game fresh to fans of the serious. If your just getting into the game you will be blown away at the amount of different elements available to you in the game.
  • This is truly a platform for all games. If your a creative person than you can make whatever your heart desires. This game doesn’t stop until you do.
  • There is a ton of replay value in this game. New levels online daily, trophies, collecting all the stickers, and also creating your levels provide enough content that will make you pop the game back in.
  • Single player offers a basic understanding of how different elements will work. You can get an understanding of how to make levels if you get through the whole story.
  • Multi-player is great and translates well with other people. It’s a blast to knock your friends off cliffs or into flames with a sack slap. :-)


  • The platforming in the game is not perfect, great but not perfect. You will tend to get sucked into different parts of the background when you try to jump into certain things. You may experience cheap deaths at times but that’s what gaming is all about :-D.
  • Although the game is fun it is not much of a departure from the foundation set up in LBP1, more content, more  creativity, more of everything. It works will now but, Media Molecule must incorporate something drastically new so they won’t lose the flavor they’ve poured into their game.

Final thoughts


I didn’t plan this Pic out with the trophy

  • It’s cute
  • It’s adorable
  • Cupcake Launching Hat Gun, Jumping rabbits, flying bees
  • Real Men and women play with Sackboys
  • GO BUY IT!

Final Score: This game gets a 9 out of 10


This is one game that writing a review for was very easy and fun. Playing with others online is a blast, you can compete and work together to unlock stickers and bubbles. Parents, teenagers, men and women of all ages will all love this game. It’s one of those games that you can sit around and enjoy with the family and friends.  If you wanna hear some of the really good music that LBP2 has to offer click the link at the end of the review to enjoy the fun. This game left me feeling warm and fuzzy, I hope this review did the same. :) Enjoy!

LittleBigPlanet Ending Credits

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