True Gamer Of The Week: Cade Peterson
by Brittanyf on February 10, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

GamerFitNations Presents Mr. Cade Peterson as True Gamer of the week.

Cade is your friendly neighborhood PlayStation Home Community Specialist. PlayStation Home! If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, you should come get your feet wet, or come back if it’s been a while. It’s constantly being updated with new content and features, so if you haven’t visited in more than a month, you need to check it out. I love how the developers and the platform are both constantly pushing the limits of what Home is and can be—with new “Home First” arriving every few weeks. Killzone 3’s Total Game Integration in Home kicks off on January 27th, where you can earn extra Unlock Points in KZ3 itself.  It’s a perfect example of how unlike anything else Home truly is. To use Home is to love Home.

True Gamer

I think it’s a very wise concept to combine a thoughtful integration of a fit lifestyle in with a gaming lifestyle—gaming is a sedentary lifestyle on its own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t complement it with an active and healthy set of regular activities.- Cade

The game that sparked Cade’s interest in gaming was The Legend of Zelda (it compelled me to spend my 6 year old “life savings” to buy my first console, the NES.) The systems that Cade own and has owned are PS3, NES, SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, Game Boy, DS, PSP, PS1, PS2. He is a true gamer.

GamerFitNation wants to bring you the perfect mix between gaming and health. Cade tells us about his workouts and advice to gamers. I love doing vigorous yoga 2-3x a week. I drink lots of fluids, and have a weakness for tea. I try to avoid junk food and snack on good wholesome food. Whole foods (organic is a definite bonus) is sometimes all the change most people have to make—it’s the processing of our average foods that our bodies are not evolved to handle well.

I love sodas, but I generally only have 2-3 a month. Alcohol, I generally prefer red wines as my go-to, and limit evenings of drinking to about 2 a week. Also, I never skip breakfast—eat your breakfast!!! It kick starts your metabolism in early, so you can burn calories, starting earlier in the day (which means you can consume more). Try to eat more than 4x a day, reducing the meal size as the day goes on. Breakfast should be huge, lunch average, and dinner should be modest (not skimpy, but definitely smallest meal of the day). Snacks should be sprinkled throughout the day, ideally every 2 hours. The more often you eat, the more your internal furnace burns, increasing your metabolic rate. For me, the more I eat, the more I lose. It seems strange, but when you understand the concept, it’s logical. Results are results, and I’m never hungry.

True Gamer

He’s the reason you love Playstation Home

Don’t be afraid or let yourself get overwhelmed with the idea of getting into shape. It doesn’t take much to get started–just takes consistency and a little discipline to stay on it. It should not feel like a thing you have to do, but something you will find you like to do. It’s not a chore to stay in shape, it’s a part of a healthy lifestyle—sometimes choosing to view it as a positive addition to your life is all you need to shed the dread factor. Choose a lifestyle to accent your gaming life to create a very well-rounded life. You don’t need to be a gym rat to be a sexy, healthy gamer. I hate weights myself, and hate running. That’s just me. You can do anything, as long as you choose something that fits your preferences and gets you active. That’s the goal.

Glasswalls revealed! Cade is a Hottie!

My goals are to get a little a little more muscle tone and drop about 15 pounds this year. I got super lazy this last fall and want to get back in shape. For me, my body is fortunately very easy to get into shape, lose weight and gain muscle fairly rapidly. I just need to get back on a regular schedule of my old regimen.

Cade tells GFN about his opinion on health, gaming and motion technology. Health is our wealth. Without it, we have nothing. Gaming is one of my favorite forms of entertainment which adds pure happiness to my life. Combining the two is an excellent lifestyle.  Clearly more gaming is becoming active with the proliferation of motion-controllers and movement detection devices. More and more games are forcing players to get more active, from way back to the DDRs, the RockBands and Guitar Heroes with their custom peripherals, to the various sports games using motion controllers. I LOVE the Move. I can’t wait to combine more Move games with 3D technology. I like my gaming to be very immersive, and that combination is a wicked-fun duo.

I am so glad that Cade took time to tell GFN a little more about himself. He had wonderful tips for health junkies and great advice to games.

GamerFitNation would like thank Cade of letting us into his home (no pun intended. :)

Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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