Batman Arkham City: New Screens and Release Date
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 11, 2011 at 01:12 PM EST

Well people you been waiting for it, we are happy to present to you today, new pictures and information on Batman Arkham City.



Holy smokestack batman



When asked about the gadgets from Batman1  James Gallagher responded..

“The gadgets are the same but how they can be used is different. One example is that you can grab Riddler Trophies with the Bat Claw – expect them to be hidden in more hard to reach places as a result.””

The game will be released on October 18. :-) That’s not that far away now, is it?

This is game is shaping up to be something really epic. Will it be better than the first one, we can only hope so. From the pics above it appears the graphics have improved and the combat has retained what made it great.

Here  are a couple quotes from the original article on what’s the devs are working on.

“The biggest difference between Arkham City and its predecessor is the move to a more open setting. In the intervening 18 months, Quincy Sharp, who was the warden of the Asylum, is elected Mayor of Gotham and transfers all of the inmates to Arkham City. Batman has been watching all of this happen and he knows that he’s going to have to deal with it.

Arkham City is also around five times bigger than the Asylum and most of it is open to the player from the start.” Anything that is open to the sky is open to player right from the off,” Dax explains. “Nobody tells Batman where to go so it was important for us to give that freedom right at the start. The interiors are gated and will open as a result of narrative progression.”

“We’re constantly looking at Arkham Asylum and seeing how it feeds into Arkham City. The same applies to characters, combat, moves; they all carry over but how they have evolved is directly related to the new challenges Batman is facing.”

This also applies to Detective Mode, an X-ray overlay that you use to gather forensic information. Some people had mixed feelings about it because, while it was very useful, they felt like they were missing out the game’s incredible visuals by using it.

“There weren’t a lot of criticisms of Arkham Asylum but that was one of them,” says Dax, “and thinking about why people reacted the way that they did and what we’re going to do about it was really interesting. Batman is a detective, so removing detective mode wasn’t an option for us because it suits him so well and it allows us to do these slower paced investigation sections.”

“Our thinking was more about why people responded to it in that way. Gamers wanted it to be more of a tool, just like the Bat Claw is a tool. We hadn’t balanced it right so it felt more like an exploit than a tool, because it gave you so much information. That’s our understanding of the criticisms and our response has been to balance that information better.”

Whew that was a lot to take in. GamerFitNation will keep you posted on any new developments that happen on the game.


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