CyberBike Magnetic Edition Preview
by Antwand Pearman on May 18, 2011 at 04:26 PM EST

One of the Hottest Wii system peripherals to hit the UK is coming to the US.

Bigben Interactive’s has brought us Cyberbike Magnetic Edition, an exercise bike for the Wii system which utilizes a tension-controlled knob with  magnetic resistance. It uses GameCube controls, and even plugs into the Wii’s GameCube port. Even though there’s only one title currently available for it, you can play other games that utilize the GameCube controllers. So right there, you have an opportunity to add another element into the games you play. For example you can create your very own spin class while playing Mario Kart Wii.

The CyberBike holds 280lbs, but was stress tested to hold up to 400lb. The seat was comfortable, and you are able to adjust the tension, making it more of a challenge.  You can adjust the seat and bar’s height to accommodate you. As far as price it’s uncertain, I estimate it to be between $150 and $250, but if you think about it that is chump change, considering that the cheapest exercise bikes usually start at $250.  In CyberBike you’re actually playing a fun video game that presents a physical challenge while allowing you to burn calories. How can you beat that?

The Cycling Sports that comes with Cyber Bike is an Eco friendly game. Your goal as eco-citizen is to stop pollution by using special cycle-like vehicles that will help clean up the world. There are three game modes to choose from with a variety of stages.

Story Mode: Unlock the vehicles a you play by pedaling

Fitness Mode: Set a goal (distance, length of time, calories, etc.) and ride until it’ reached.

Multiplayer Mode: Up to 4 players can play by taking turns

  • Biking- where you ride around picking up trash along the way.
  • Submarine- where you’ll suck up underwater pollution

Accurate controlling when turning the handlebars

  • Mine Cart – which is like a roller coaster ride in which you go thru many twist ands turns to reach your goal while clearing the mine of pollution.
  • Chopper Bike- you use while flying around collecting air pollution.

Fun but challenging

As I stated before each mode has many levels, which you unlock and if you can beat the target times you’ll unlock new items as while. Items such as new gear for your custom character and more colors for your vehicles.

Overall, I personally feel that this is an awesome peripheral with a lot of potential. I see many great games coming out for CyberBike especially if they make a multi-platform version. This will have your heart pumping and legs thumping, but for a better and healthier you. CyberBike will be available this summer on the Nintendo Wii system. If you’re into cycling I suggest you look into buying one.

Don’t Just Be Fit, Be Gamer Fit

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  • Gregory Laporte

    I can’t wait to try this out! EXTRA CARDIO

  • BlackBible

     Check it out 

  • Kestryll

    Spell-check is a wonderful thing, but grammar check is equally important. Just letting you know.

  • Simonator917

    The game that comes with the Cyberbike is fine at first, but then it gets really boring.  I eagerly anticipate new titles for this device.

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