From E3: Prototype 2 Trailer
by Rigogo on June 6, 2011 at 06:09 PM EST

The highly anticipated sequel Prototype 2 was discussed today at E3 and  now it has a great new trailer

Prototype is a game about an experimental virus that was tested on, Alex Mercer, the main character. Of course, he escaped, and it led him to find out the capabilities of his new powers in an action packed adventure.

In Prototype 2, the story moves from the main characters eyes to focuses on the virus itself.

“We had a main character in Alex Mercer who wasn’t always as aligned with his powers as we’d hoped. We had a story that was very involved and convoluted and difficult to follow.”  -Radical Entertainment

There will definitely be an assortment of new powers for you to play with, but this time they’ll be upgrade-able. Every power has several stages of upgrades to use to your advantage. The combat of the game will continue be ‘epic’ and over the top. Fun mass battles and bosses won’t be as easy the second time around.

Matt Armstrong, design director for Prototype 2, said “as you are fighting the brand new guys you can use tactical jump, it gives you that umph and let’s you dismember them piece by piece.”

Prototype 2 is expected to have a 2012 release date and will be available on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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