GamerFitNation’s E3 2011 Predictions
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on June 1, 2011 at 07:00 PM EST

E3 2011 is right around the corner and I decided that we should take a look at the potential announcements. The stakes are high for all the parties involved and here I am with some of the predictions that may happen during the 3 major press conferences. These are overall expectations that I have for the big three so let’s see how far I stack up to the actual announcements.


Remember this little nugget?

Sorcery was a game that was announced for the PlayStation Move two E3’s ago and I predict that it will make a return. The game is an RPG that utilizes the PlayStation move; many gamers were looking forward to the game. Since it was initially shown at E3 there has been little to no information on the game what so ever. This may be worrying to gamers that were hopeful of this franchise but I have to say all their fears will be put away and everything will be revealed.

Warhawk Successor

Dylan Jobe calls Starhawk the spiritual successor to Warhawk. Most of us know that it will be making an appearance. I mean it has to!  The game has been in development for a while and everyone was expecting last year’s E3 for it to be it coming out party. I expect that we may even be able to see some current multiplayer footage as they have been testing it as of late. The game features a lot of new things such as a single player story and also a build as you play multiplayer component in the game. That can help you sway a battle. I suspect that we may get more info on the multiplayer of the game and we may also get details of a possible multiplayer beta.


I am a fan of Samus 

The famous Nintendo bounty hunter returns for another go around at E3. Other M was just released this year so seeing it for the Wii 2 may be a stretch but that doesn’t mean we should count it out. When you look at Nintendo you have to remember that there is also a handheld console that you have to worry about. Metroid 3D would be a great announcement and the ability to play this game with full 3D on the 3DS would be a pleasure. I feel that this will be a great major announcement for the 3DS or Wii2 as gamers consider Metroid a hardcore game so that is perfect for Nintendo. The heroine will be back at it again and I’ll be looking forward to this announcement if it happens.

Itsa me Mario!!

The plumber that we all know and love will make a return to us at E3 with it being a launch title for the Wii 2. If it is not for the Wii2 than expect it to be the Mario 3DS game that is in development for the handheld. Mario is a game that every Nintendo fan knows and loves. Some of you even reading this article grew up on the title. I am predicting that at Nintendo press conference we will see yet another masterpiece being what we know as Mario. We have seen him in space, with water backpacks, and even jumping through paintings so I know there will be something epic from Nintendo regarding their favorite plumber.

Link is the man

Last time we heard of Zelda it was the demo for skyward sword. I feel as though we may be hearing about skyward sword. The game hasn’t been seen or heard of in sometime and I suggest that at this year’s E3 we will be given a release date and shown how far the game has come since it was shown last year. There will new information shed on the game such as story line as opposed to what we have heard before. Also I predict a winter release date for it this game on the Wii.

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