UFC Undisputed 3 Preview: There’s Pride in Fighting
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on June 29, 2011 at 04:00 PM EST

Another E3 has come and gone and there is a new UFC game in the pipeline to be discovered. UFC Undisputed 3 is the next iteration in the THQ MMA fighting franchise. We at GamerFitNation are bringing you this preview and telling you whether or not you should look into this game when it comes out later this year (you should!)

submission him!

UFC fans, look no further, as recently we were invited to a presentation of the new UFC Undisputed game coming to the Ps3 and Xbox 360. The game has been improved greatly from its predecessors, it features a brand new submission system for advanced fighters. (However, you can change the controls back to the original if you feel that it is better the old way.)  These new buttons and the updated control scheme will allow the game to be more accessible to beginners of the series. I have to say, from the looks of it, once you get the control of the pro scheme you can become a submission monster. Additionally, the game will feature a new camera system that will make it easier for people to attack and take control of a match, and new weight classes  The lighting in the game really highlights its characters. Another cool feature that they added in this UFC title is the ability to create your own entrances for your fighter. Allowing this customization also announces that there will be entrances in the game for fighters, bringing some authenticity that wasn’t visible in previous releases.

These are what entrances will look like

New to the game this year is the addition of Pride Fighting championship in the game. What we saw from the Pride sequence was truly magnificent. If you are familiar with Pride fighting championship style fighting, than you can expect everything to be really authentic. All of the rules are not UFC fighting rules, but Pride fighting rules. You can deal soccer kicks to your opponents and you can also knee stomp them. The game’s combat in pride is brutal and vicious, that’s why your gonna love it. Fear not however, if you’re new to this UFC business there will be an in-game advice system that will give you the ability to  get some tips on how to play the game and take on different opponents via game Edu. The longer development time also allowed the developers to work on the animations,which will make the game look way better and more realistic than thought possible.

Final Thoughts: UFC Undisputed was one of the best fighting  games shown to GamerFitNation at E3. The introduction of Pride fighting into the mix with a slew of new features shows the type of dedication that the developers have for the game and what they are willing to bring to the table. The game was looking gorgeous and fun and the addition of Pride fighting looks just as real to the life-like counterpart. I’ll be on the lookout for this game when it drops next January in 2012. I know my pride will be shown then! see what I did there ;-) I’m funny!

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