4 Game Franchises That Aren’t What They Used To Be
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on July 6, 2011 at 04:00 PM EST

Throughout the tides of history there are a few games that we as gamers fall in love with and grow up on. What happens, when your favorite games falls short on your expectations? Here are a list of a few games that have since changed and fallen from their time of grace and are not what they used to be. Read below to find out if a game you played that isn’t up to par is posted below.

Resident Evil was and is to most people still considered the #1 horror franchise. That just the point though it was the number 1 survival horror game. The game has since then become in my opinion a very great action horror game, but as far as the best survival horror game. Dead Space 2 is the premier horror franchise in that respect. The storyline in Resident Evil is one that has been used, abused, and made to keep moving on and on into the ground.

I know that Wesker had several really bad (spoiler alert) clones. I have to say though how many times can we kill him? How many times will the virus change into a different strand and create new monsters or zombies or whatever they are now? This game has gone any from what made it great and hopefully the new resident evil coming out will change that.

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has made moves and waves in the past. However with previous iterations such as Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 14 the series has left fans wondering will they ever get the game that they have been waiting on this generation. Final Fantasy 14 for PS3 is set to come out for the system very soon and since its been released on the PC there have been a slew of problems. This game has all the technical issues that many people would have thought to be fixed for the PC release, but they were not.

There are several projects for console games in this series, but none of them have released and none of them have been able to match the success of the past iterations of Final Fantasy 7 through 10. They have been trying a new approach to grab the attention of western users and adapt to a new style of story-telling which has been geared toward the west. Everyone that cares about this franchise is waiting for the Final Fantasy that will make them drop their jaws.

Socom was considered one of the great Ps2 games that the PlayStation  had to offer for its online experience. If you ask a Socom fan their favorite Socom game, they will most likely respond to you with the answer “Socom 2.” There are several individuals out there that can vouch for what I’m saying. In this generation we have seen that atrocious game that was Socom Confrontation. Although the game was fixed to be very playable in the end that it may have caused several of the fans to be disrespected by the developers. Since then zipper has taken over the game and released Socom 4 which has gotten some mixed reviews from the community and critics as a whole.

Socom 4 may have the community and veterans of the game split down the middle on what they expected of the game. It is clear however, that the gaming community is a well voiced and spoken community. If you looking for a die-hard fan base than look no further Socom.

Devil May Cry was a great franchise when it was first released on the PS2. Everyone loved how hard the game was, the combat, and story-telling that was involved in the game. The release of the second game was horrendous and left people wondering what had happened to a great game and why the game had turned into the travesty that was DMC2 . Then they released DMC3 which was in my opinion the best Devil May Cry game that was made in the series.

They had successfully rejuvenated a series that was once thought to be dead and have improved on almost every aspect of the first two games making it something that everyone could enjoyed. There was high hopes and with the release of DMC4 it left a sour taste in people’s mouths. Fans loved and hated it.  They are making another game in the series which will be a reboot, but the real question is, will it be what fans of the series are looking forward to?

What are some game franchises that you feel aren’t what they used to be anymore or are lackluster as of late? Post them below!

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    I know there’s got to be a few people that feel the same way about this issue. 

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    Final fantasy XIII was anything but western, everything in is is extremely japanese, from the linearity to Vanille, the battle system and story thematic. 

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