Is Uncharted 3 Being Overhyped?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on July 18, 2011 at 02:00 PM EST

Uncharted was a great game and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was game of the year. Now, where does Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception go from here? Many people are expecting great things from this game, including myself. When I say overhyped, I’m not talking about the game being already proclaimed by some as a game of the year shoe-in. I am referring to it overshadowing other PlayStation exclusive titles that are coming out before it.

What are these titles that Uncharted may be overshadowing? Well how about Resistance 3, Twisted Metal, God of War: Origins, and the Ico collection? These are the few exclusive PS3 blu-ray games that for the most part have not been getting the attention that should be given to them. I understand some of the games especially in regards to God of War: Origins Collection. That game alone has the power to push thousands upon thousands of units to get itself out there. I mean an angry man mad at the gods, that will push any game right?! ;-)

What about the others? What could Sony be thinking? Resistance 3 is coming upon us very soon and we have yet to see the ad campaign for the game. There were a couple of things for Resistance 3 as of late in regards to gameplay footage and developer dairies, but that is all we have gotten so far. What about the Ico collection and Twisted Metal for the PS3. Twisted Metal is slated for an October release, way before Uncharted 3.  My issue is, why have we not heard more about this game? We are restricted to Jaffe’s twitter and the occasional trickles of information that comes from the Sony executives.

The reason why we haven’t heard much is because of the super mega beta of a game that just passed us by. The Uncharted 3 beta has finished and we were told that there were over 1.53 million unique players of the beta. Let’s look at what that means. Unique players means people that played the beta one time and that’s it. If that’s the case what about the others players that came back and played at different times. Where are those stats, I would love to see recurring players to be honest. Its all in the way the numbers are portrayed. That 1.53 million is not a accurate representation of the amount of players that actually played the beta on a daily basis. Take a look at the second comment on the PlayStation Blog article titled Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Concludes, that comment states “I downloaded but never got a chance to play….” so that means the number could have been significantly more if he and others would have played. I am of course assuming that others did the same thing that he did.

Let me conclude this article with saying this, we all know that Uncharted 3 will be a great game. However, we can not allow our expectations for the game to distract us from any of the great PS3 games that are coming out before it ;-). It seems like many people are doing that, but maybe I’m making a misinformed assumption. Anyway, this fall it will be great to be a PlayStation 3 owner.

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  • BlackBible

    WOW I really like the article 

  • gamerfirst59

    I played the first two Uncharted games, and well, they sucked balls………super boring. Same old… chase the crook, play a few stupid puzzle pieces….ala………….Tomb Raider ripoffs and shoot more retards along the way. Just because they try to bring cinematic tripe into the equation doesn’t make these games any more original or interesting. Give us something that we can actually believe and car about….not more bull@%#% Michael Bay stuff. LA Noire was flawed…..but what a flawed gem it was. I want games like that, not more bullshit tripe like Unfarted!!

    • LeChoke

       lol at the most ignorant post about uncharted yet. i’m assuming you also hate metal gear solid 4, god of war, resistance… LA Noire was a decent start, but far more boring than uncharted. You want to talk about repetitive? that game is the definition

    • Rich

      It was such the Tomb Raider ripoff that Tomb Raider’s next release tried to be Uncharted. :)

      Come on dude, at the very least you have to call Uncharted 2 a great game.  Even Gabe Newell liked it.

      • BlackBible

        Best comment right here

      • TJ

        how can tomb raider try to be like uncharted when uncharted exist because of tomb raider & games like it that came before

    • Steven20

      We have another Xbox fanboy

  • Rich

    OK the reason Sony has so much behind Uncharted 3 is it’s a prove franchise.  Uncharted 1 did well and set the stage for a great sequel.  Uncharted 2 took everyone by surprise, as they were expecting a great game, but not the excellent game that people ended up getting.

    Uncharted 2 did quite well and Sony is looking to position Uncharted 3 to sell more PS3s.  While R3, TM PS3 are great games, at the end of the day they don’t have the amount of visibility that Uncharted has.  

  • StevenHibs

    Also about the amount of people that have played it, im quite sure sony can cross reference the amount downloaded to the amount played :) if they say more than 1.5million unique users for a beta, thats a lot of people, and I even know a lot of people who want the game come release and never even got to play the beta, so there! 2 million copies in the first week easy

  • John

    Who is overhyping? Two great games preceded this one, why shouldnt the new one be as good or better? The other two games were also nominated for GOTY

  • Bigg_D

    It hasn’t even had one commercial. how is it “overhyped”?
    it is true though most people bought infamous 2 just for the beta and just passed up a great game.

  • Paul R. Irizarry

    Uhh this article is utterly wrong… Resistance 3 had plenty of hands on gameplay from singleplayer at E3 and it has a multiplayer beta coming soon… Twisted Metal also got plenty of gameplay at E3 has plenty of trailers and has had its multiplayer displayed plenty of times… God of War is just remakes from PSP games which no one really cares so much for now a days… iv you notice God of War’s appeal has dropped a load and it isn’t Sony’s fault… ICO Collection has plenty of hype as well so I believe this whole article goes based on your beliefs and not facts…

  • Britney Whiten

    I believe a major factor in this is the fans themselves. Another commenter mentioned that it isn’t like Uncharted is splattered all over tv and in commercials. Now I don’t really watch tv so I guess I wouldn’t know, haha, but Uncharted 3 IS all over the internet. People talk about it, say this and say that. The fans themselves are the ones that are really building up the hype for it. Any little piece of publication from the official authorities on the game (Naughty Dog, Sony) will chain react into a huge burning inferno of even more hype and there isn’t really anything that can be done about it. Even if more info was given to us about the other exclusives, the anticipation of UC3 would still overshadow the others. It is the big blockbuster film of the gaming world. People who don’t even play PlayStation know all about Uncharted. The majority of gamers unfortunately are just like the majority of movie-goers. Unique and fresh IP is a gamble. It is good business to keep the big sellers upfront. Fortunately, Uncharted is a blockbuster game as well as a pretty solid story-telling experience. It’s all about fun, like Tomb Raider mixed with Indiana Jones.

    • Gregory Laporte

      Britney this is best comment i have read in this whole entire article. You understand my feelings and have simplified it greater. I couldn’t have said it better myself 

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