Why I believe Devil May Cry will be a Blemish on the Franchise
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on August 30, 2011 at 11:00 PM EST

After watching the  gameplay trailer fresh out of GamesCom for the new Devil May Cry, I took it upon myself to record my thoughts on what we all saw and the travesty given to us. I want to note however as your watching this video it may be a little outdated as Pax Prime is coming up. I just want you to know first and foremost that the information in this video was compiled with the facts that we have heard up until GamesCom and not Pax.

Now Ninja theory has been very outspoken on the direction that the have taken with a beloved franchise such as Devil May Cry. I’ve actually compiled a list of some of the facts about the game which are in the bullet points below for you to read.

  • New Dante Is A Lot Like Young People Today: No Prospects
  • Younger teenage Dante
  • No longer has any white hair
  • Completely changed  Dante’s appearance.
  • He is now the son of an angel and a demon. Where in the original games, he was originally the son of a demon and a human. Which allowed him to take human form.
Now Here is the video explaining this all to you in better detail. I hope you all enjoy!

As always post your thoughts below and let me know what your thinking! Enjoy :-)

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  • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

    Here we go!

  • http://twitter.com/wishingW3L WEL

    you forgot about the downgrade of frame-rate from godly 60fps to piss poor 30fps and probably not even locked considering how sluggish Enslaved and Heavenly Sword were. On top of that? The god awful screen tear.  =/

    NT shouldn’t be making fast paced games with such pissant skills. They tend to focus too much on the cosmetic side… Enslaved  looked great but it ran like trash and the overall style of the game wasn’t that garish with the main character looking like Fred Flinstone (I bet this is why the game flopped even though it had good reception from reviewers). And now they are ruining DMC with their poor sense of style and average skills. I mean, even emos and scene kids look better dressed than that mentally unstable guy that thinks that he is Dante… (in the first trailer Dante was in a mental hospital or something right?)

    I’m telling you, I don’t mind the fact that DMC is a reboot, I just don’t like the direction they are taking it. They made Dante look like a meth addict, they changed the atmosphere to a more serious one and what about that pretentious approach for story-telling. “Their truth is a lie. The city is an illusion. Who are you? I am Dante!”.  

    This new DMC could be game of the year but fuck you. Seriously, fuck you!

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