Will Battlefield 3 Blow Modern Warfare Out of the Water?
by Rigogo on August 5, 2011 at 02:00 PM EST

We all know Call of Duty is the king of first person shooters today but Battlefield has always made a good run for second place. Now, with the next titles of both franchises coming out around the same time, things might be a bit different this time around.

In the Graphics department, Battlefield takes the cake. Even in the pervious Battlefield 2 (Bad Company), buildings can collapse, you can drive humvees, jeeps, tanks, armored cars, helicopters and more which gives off a more war type of environment then Call of Duty does. The world around you just looks so fine and amazing, you would think your in the war yourself. But Call of Duty doesn’t go for the glamor. It goes for the kill. All though Call of Duty might not be as realistic as its competitor, its still the best seller. Why is that? Well Call of Duty has its own style of playing that people just get sucked into, with Modern Warfare being the best of the line. Modern Warfare 3 is still beautifully refined graphic-wise, but Battlefield 3 wins in the graphics department.

Single Player:
Nobody but the developers know what the next storyline of these games will be, but judging from the previous sequels, Call of Duty wins here. Call of Duty always has a great story to introduce the game to you. Compared to Battlefield 2 (Bad Company), COD has a better written more involved way of taking you though these journeys to the heart of war. One thing that the new Battlefield will have over Modern Warfare 3 is the selection of co-op missions with-in the single player story. So if your having trouble beating that one level, and you keep dying over and over, invite a friend to help along side you.

Now, what everyones been waiting for… the multiplayer. Its anybodies guess who wins here. Both franchises know that this is what people mainly go to play when playing their game. They have both had the time off to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Improvements are certain in almost every aspect so its anyones game. Call of Duty and Battlefield already know what needs to be brought to the table. Lets hope they know what their doing this time around. Just expect to see a ton of new downloadable content.

So… what game are you planning on getting?

Modern Warfare 3:

Battlefield 3:

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  • http://twitter.com/ItsMaEc Its Ma Ec

    Will Battlefield 3 blow Modern Warfare 3 out of the water?
    If we’re talking sales then no, Modern Warfare 3 wins, no doubt about it.
    If we’re talking “fun” and “quality” then its subjective. Everyone has a different opinion. COD haters will say MW3 sucks and BF haters will say BF3 sucks.

  • Derp.

    As soon as I saw “u” I stopped reading this article. 

    • Killyourego

      The grammar in this article is awful.

  • Taz92

    Every gaame has its atmosphere , gamers choose MW for it smoothness , high fps , with good quality of graphics and most importantly it’s engine and playing system … on the other hand , EA usually tries to develop a cinematic game with higher quality of graphics and reality , you feel like you’re really in the game but you never feel you’re shooting …

    The story of COD have always been better than that of BF , but with the surrounding circumstances you never know what both studios might come up with .

    Play both games and be happy !

  • http://thatshortguy.com Jeff Duff

    The first section should be renamed “realism”; what does buildings collapsing, driving  a Humvee, Jeep, tank, armored car or helicopter have to do with graphics other than add a more realistic war environment?

    If you are talking about BF3 on the PC, then BF3 will win in the graphics department. On the console, however, it’s widely known  the game will run with 30fps – half of what MW3 will run at – so MW3 wins there.

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