5 Modded Consoles I Wouldn’t Mind Having
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on September 28, 2011 at 04:00 PM EST

Late one Saturday afternoon, I came upon a slew of crazy modified gaming consoles and this prompted me to bring about this discussion. Here are 5 console mods that I wouldn’t mind trying out or buying. I think these are beautifully made and if you have a modified console, post a picture of yours below!

Super Nintendo


The Super Nintendo pays homage to some of the greatest games in gaming history. This toaster is proof that. Its a toaster that’s fit for the best of females. That is proof as this monster toaster is hosting one of the legendary female heroines, Samus Aran and her very great game Super Metroid. I mean this is a great mod, you can make toast of both Mother Brain and bread at the same time. I wouldn’t mind having something like this. Hopefully we see a Wii U like this in the near future. Hopefully!

Nintendo Wii

When I first saw this mod, I thought it was a teeny bopper console. When I looked closer at it I thought about the great design and how hard the person must have worked at it. This Wii shows that the modder did a marvelous job on it. I have to say that I am mighty jealous to whoever owns this mod. This is one of my favorite games and a mod like this brings out my inner Nintendo Fanboy. Yes, I said Nintendo Fanboy that was not a typo!

Xbox 360

Here is an Xbox 36o mod that will make even the most serious of gamers change there tune. The Joker is a pivotal character in the Batman universe. He is my favorite Batman Villian aside from Mr.Freeze and the Penguin. I loved this console and part of me hopes that when you push the Joker’s head, he just says something so ridiculous.

Nintendo GameCube

Can you figure out what this console is? If it took you awhile, this is a Nintendo Gamecube. It has been modded to look like the cute Disney character Wall-E. I have to say that this is one brilliantly crafted console and kudos to whoever created this. This must have taken a lot of time to craft and it must be a pleasure to play games on it. I wonder if it makes the Wall-E noises when you play games, that would be awesome.

PlayStation 3


Lastly, we have this alien  modded PS3. My this console looks glorious. As you can see this is an old fat PS3, the ones that in my opinion were better although, mine had Ylod’d 3 times. I loved the look of this PS3 and I have to say it may be pretty cool modded but, this is probably one I wouldn’t want to own. This one just seems to bulky to me.

Well, now that you have seen the five consoles I chose, what about you? Are you artistic, do you own a modded console? Let us know in our comment section below, post a pic or show us some cool mods you might seen around. Have Fun!

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