Def Jam Fighting Game: War of The Coast
by Antwand Pearman on September 30, 2011 at 06:00 PM EST

 Def Jam Fighting Game: War of The Coast

 Def Jam Fighting Game

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This is a follow up to my popular article titled “Def Jam Fighting: Reborn”, in which I wrote about the need for a new Def Jam Fighting Game. As most fans of the series know “Fight for NY” was the last good Def Jam fighting game. Though I put all the blame on Def Jam Icon’s, Kudo Tsunoda, general manager of EA Chicago at the time. I feel that we shouldn’t dwell in the past, in fact, this article is an attempt to look towards the future. So, here are my thoughts on a possible new Def Jam Fighting Game in which we take all the great things we learned in FFNY, and improve them with current generations innovations. I use the word we because I want you guys to share your thoughts on this subject as well, especially if you’re a fan of the series.  Let’s start thinking of some great artists and famous people that should be in the game:

I titled this article Def Jam: War of the Coasts. The reason why is that I feel we should take Def Jam out of NYC, and have fighting Venues from Coast to Coast. It’s Kind of like saying which side has the best fighters. How it would work? you, the player, would have to fight in your area ie NYC being my area. Your goal is to be one of the top 5 fighters selected to represent your Coast. The main campaign – you must choose a side you wish to represent. You would be able to select from the East Coast ran by Jay-Z A.K.A Hov, West Coast run by Big Snoop Dog A.K.A. Crow Better yet Dr Dre, or The Dirty South run by Scarface.  Once there you start off as a guy who either, has just been released from Prison, A soldier who has been dishonorably discharged, A MMA (Mix Martial Arts) Fighter who never made it, A College Wrestling Dropout, or A Boxer who got screwed over by their Manager.

No matter which you choose, you find that it’s hard getting a good paying job in today’s economy. But, you hear from your long time friend named Manny of an underground street-fighting tournament called “Def Jam The Beat Down”, in which you could win some decent money. After a few fights, one of the coast leaders I.E Jay-Z scouts you and asks that you work your way up to joining his Coast crew.  The goal is to win the Def Jam War of the Coasts tournament for a life changing grand prize of 10 million dollars. By the way, if you’re wondering why I chose these occupations. It’s because it would set up a set story structure as well as give you the additional fighting style you start off with similar to FFNY?

The G.O.A.T or The Ripper Villain of Def Jam Fighting

Now who should be the main Antagonist, the person you must fight at the end of it all. Who has the clout, the toughness, and the prestige, and the ego to be the guy that stands in your way. I thought about it long and hard and I feel that most of you agree that “The G.O.A.T” (The Greatest Of All Time) LL Cool J would make for a perfect villain since, he’s pretty much is the God Father of Def Jam Records.  Remember his role in –  “In to Deep” Where he played a ruthless drug dealer named God? Imagine LL as a former World champion Fighter who was permanently kicked out of the sport for viciously beating an opponent to death. Now, he’s taking street fighting to a whole new level under the Def Jam name in order to find someone worthy of fighting.

Here are my idea’s for an Online/Offline Game Modes:

  • One on One- you vs another player.
  • Tag Team- You and a Friend vs 2 players
  • 3 on 3- you & 2 friends vs 3 players
  • Handicap- 2 on 1, or 3 on 2.
  • Dog Eat Dog- Basically a 3-6 Player King of the Hill Knockout mode.
  • 3 manPioneer- A 3 player co-op where you and 2 friends play against 10 rounds of increasingly strong A.I. You get a trophy/achievements if you complete all 10 rounds as awell known crew. For example Picking Ice Cube/WC/Mack 10 unlocks “West Coast Connection” goal, orEminem/50cent/Dr.Dre would unlock “Shady Aftermath” goal.

    You’ve unlocked a Achievement/Trophy!

  • DLC: Get the New NWA Pack: IceCube/Dr.Dre/BigSnoopDog
Online features:
  • User created Characters-
  • Create your own crews
  • Leader boards for individuals
  • Leader boards for Crews
  • Share on FaceBook/Twitter
  • Spectator Mode
  • Upload online fights to Youtube


Like I said in the beginning I feel that a New Def Jam fighting game is needed before this generation is over. I’m pretty sure a lot of you reading this would agree. You may or may not like my story concept, but I encourage you to comment and discuss what changes you would make to it. Better yet, create a story arc of your own. My hope is that one day if enough people call for it a developer will take a chance on creating a new title for our enjoyment. Thank you for reading.

Also, please stay tuned for my follow up article where I will list 37 celebrities/fighters that I feel should be in the New Def Jam Game.

 Click Here for part 2 

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  • Auld

    Great article! I can’t wait for a worthy remake as ICON was a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    Not bad. Pretty good article for one of my fave franchises, which I refuse to acknowledge Icon a part of. A few things, though:

    1) The South would be run by either Lil Wayne/Birdman, T.I., or Ludacris. Scarface was in the previous games and, unfortunately, never really made a huge name for himself, unlike Luda who was one of D-Mob’s top enforcers or the huge presence that Weezy, and essentially YMCMB, has nowadays. Or with T.I. now getting out of jail, he could be a new hustler who is banding a lot of southern rappers to his side.

    2) Bring in more old school rappers other than Flava Flav and Slick Rick. LL is a good choice, but add like Dougie Fresh, Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff, UGK, Bone Thugs N Harmony, KRS-One, Tha Roots, Grandmaster Flash, Erick B and Rakim, etc. Adding current rappers is a given, so a few blasts-from-the-pasts would be sick.

    3) Just more options to the custom character menu, cuz making Kanye or DMX is a mess in Fight for NY…

    • BlackBible

      I feel you on some of your idea, I chose Scarface because he’s considered the Godfather of the south. Heck did you know that most famous south rappers have to talk to him out of respect? T.I is considered the king of the south and is acknowledge is it because Scarface deemed him to be. Thats why T.I and little Flip had a beef.

      • Anonymous

        Well, putting it that way, Scarface would work out. And hopefully a few others would back him up (in the game), like Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, and a few others from Fight for NY, like David Banner, Bonecrusher, Bubba Sparks, etc.

        Side note: sucks that Snoop/Crow died. Wouldn’t mind having him back, but it kinda would be weird if they mysteriously brought him back, even as a different character.

  • Robin

    Great article, you just got a new subscriber to the site:) And if this seriously were to be a game, I’ve would pre-order as fast as you can say “Piska Mig Med Lagom Mycket Gummi” in perfect swedish ;) 

  • A.J.

    yo man good ideas i like the fact that you could open up every coast if you really think about it if your gonna rebirth a game can you make the story more longer like in a way unlock more fighters, secret fighters not only stages in LA or New York or in the south if i were you guys because your bringing back a game like def jam the fighter is pretty cool justin beiber you know he is a big star right now and he should go against michael jackson i think it would be a great match to see in a game any ways those are great ideas that you have. The fighting roster is good but wouldn’t it be cool to make it interesting to unlock more characters new people and past def jam game characters its cool that you can go all over the cities and fight but wouldn’t it be better if you could make all over the world also to fight more bosses that you can fight all over the world

  • A.J.

    o I forgot to tell you about the fighting roster that you should add 2pac, the CEO of death row records and nate dogg you should also add Jam-Master Jay. how come you dont add those elements to one character instead of choosing it A MMA (Mix Martial Arts) Fighter who never made it, A College Wrestling Dropout, or A Boxer who got screwed over by their Manager.

  • Chino Gunzz

    Hi Blackbible my name is Chino, this is a great article and I would like to share some of my ideas if you don’t mind.

    If there were to be another Def Jam fighting game I think the gameplay should be the same as Def Jam FFNY but with better graphics and more rappers as brawlers of the underground fight club.
    There should be “Five Kings” and each one should have a crew to fight along side of them to take over the streets, the hood, and the underground fight clubs for “Money, Power, and Respect” to build their empire.

    D-Mob, Snow, House, Pockets, and Manny should definately be put back into the Def Jam fighting game. And their purpose is to go through every king and crew to take back whats rightfully theirs “The Throne” of the underground.

    King Of The Eastcoast (NY): Should be The L.O.X. A.K.A. D-Block (The perfect bad guys because they have a rough attitude along with their image and rhymes). The reason I say that is because in the rap game nobody besides Beanie Sigel and 50cent & G-Unit ever stepped to them the wrong way. If not them it should be NAS, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes as (Magic) with the “Flip Mode Squad”, or 50cent (50 would make the perfect bad guy too considering he bullies and pick fights with anyone he can in the industry). With a crew of east coast rappers and gangsters fighting for the throne.

    King Of The WestCoast (Cali): Should be WestSide Connection (Ice Cube, WC, and Mack 10), The Game with (Black Wallstreet), or Snoop Dogg as “Crow” with “Tha Dogg Pound Gangstas” (Crow survives the beat down and fall in Def Jam FFNY, and makes a surprise appearance that shocks D-MOB and his crew and leave them astounished because they thought Crow was dead. With a crew of west coast rappers and gangster fighting for the throne.

    King Of The South: Should be Scarface, T.I with (P$C)., Lil Flip, Young Jeezy (CTE), Three 6 Mafia, Cash Money/Young Money, or Rick Ross with (Maybach Music Group). With the crew of dirty south rappers and gangsters fighting for the throne.

    King Of Jamaica: Should be Canibus, Sizzla, Beanie Man, Elephant Man, Sean Paul, Damion Marley, Ziggy Marley, Wayne Wonder, or Sean Kinston. With a crew of Jamaican rappers fighting for the throne.

    King Of China: Should be Jin Da Emcee, MC Yan, DumbFounded, MC Hot Dog, and Tantrum. With a crew of chinese rappers and triads fighting for the throne.

    The females that appears in the game: Should be Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj, Trina, Eve, Rah Diggah, Remy Ma, and Jean Grae.
    Maybe some singers, comedians, and movie stars appear as well.

    The fighting styles should be: Kung Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing, Brawling, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Submission, and Capoeira.

    Should have all styles of clothes from: Hip Hop Street Gear, Flashy Suits, Cowboy, Chinese Clothing, Etc.

    Should have the finest jewelry, and other accessories.

    Just my ideas hopefully it would be useful for you.

    • BlackBible

      I have to admit East Coast having the LOXX as leaders caught me off guard, but still they would be a good add on. I see what you’re trying to do, you’re going for a world war approached rather than a Coast to Coast thing like mine. I have to say I like your idea over all. 

      • Chino Gunzz

        Thanks man I appreciate that. But I wasn’t trying to X out your ideas, or be on some (I can come up with better ideas than you) because I like your ideas. I was just trying to add on to yours.

        Oh yea I forgot to add LL, and KRS One, because LL would be a good head to head battle against Canibus because they were battling back in the days.

  • BlackBible

    FYI when I wrote this the idea it was to speak from a more or less realistic roster approach. Judging from past games it would seemed that the people I chosed would be in an actual game. Thought I love Big and Pac, realistically I don’t believe they would ever be in a game. I could see fake versions of them in it like “2 Packs” and “Big Tiny” do to copyright reasons. FYI I was sleepy writing this comment lol.

    • guest

      so…. will 2pac be in the game?

  • guest

    When will the game get released? 2012? 2013?

  • Tonester925

    I have an idea! Mabye have the online like MAG. Where you pick a faction/coast and battle it out against everyone else. Then it records how many people from each coast is winning. Na ye have like a gift for the best coast at the end of each month!

    • Tonester925

      *Then “Na ye” lol

  • joey wilson

    Umm lol love this idea man lol, and maybe get sum dlc like west coast vs east coast 2pac vs biggie you know tht would be fun, or dre vs eazy, get sum stuff like bringing back the main character of vendetta at the tournamate like as a walkby you know u walk by em and shoulders hit each other or one of em host the tournamate or just throw through the game

  • Kameleon_8


  • Corrie Drakes


  • Gangstagrillz45

    What about the Midwest?? You’re leaving out some of the biggest names: Kanye, Common, Eminem, Lupe, Nelly (not really though), Big Sean.  Niggas always forget about the 4th coast.

  • alex hernandez

    i think its a good idea to make a game like that but i have to ask … why jay-z as a boss of the east coust ?? i mean u can use another rapper like notorius B.I.G. he was one of the best rappers from the east also u  can put on it real east or west coust rappers lil wayne . rick ross . or some body like that from the east …. anyway i like the idea and im on it lol :)

  • ruthselda marchena

    there has to be more female characters lil kim, nicki minaj, blac chyna, rihanna, foxy brown, missy eliot, carmen electra, kimora, trina, eve, rah diggah, remy ma ,Jean Grae, kim kardshian,lil mama,ciara,shawnna,keri hilson,beyonce,cassie,brianna perry,

  • ruthselda marchena

    i forgot amber rose

  • AzOne96

    I like your ideas…it’s awesome :D…All I want is bring back the games as the Def Jam Fight For NY…I like the games much more than Def Jam Icon because I can choose which girls I want,the fighting style and many more but for graphic i go for Icon…The new things I want is

    1st:I want there is more stores that we can visit
    2nd: More awesome fighting style
    3rd: Maybe we can choose which side we want to join

    That’s all :D…It’s just my thought but if it becomes true i fell so grateful

  • Julio Hinojosa

    I like the idea but instead of scarface for the south coast you should have pimp can our dj screw and have houston rappers like trae zro chingo bling spm and the dope house family rap alot family and all the great houston legends

  • JP

    If the game is made, HOPSIN BETTER BE IN IT!!

  • Jonathan Washington

    It Needs More Features

  • Jonathan Washington

    Crush 40 Should Be “King Of Hard Rock”

    • Jonathan Washington

      Really? Crush 40 King Of Hard Rock More Like King Of South

  • CJ Mendoza

    It has to have wiz khalifa hopsin and tyga

  • Trevon

    I been a long time fan of Def Jam games I still have and play Def Jam Fight For NY and in my opinion I thinks FFNY is the best Def Jam game out but I would love to See my favorite Rappers in the game Bone Thugs N Harmony (Bizzie Bone, Krazie Bone, Wish Bone, Layzie Bone, and Flesh N Bone, also Eazy E.)

  • Emann14

    Def Jam Fight for NY was the best of one yet….. And I think the idea you have is awesome…. The main thing I think you should focus on of course is one the Storyline. Thats one reason I liked Vendetta and Fight for NY so Much because I love a great storyline. Also the Finishing Moves. This made both Vendetta and Fight for NY the best games. Also get a little more in debt with the whole wrestling moves and what you can do as far as different matches. I think this would be great. As far as the storyline also our generation today is BIG with social networking so I would most def find a way to tie this in the storyline.

  • dwightturner

    you need to have the girls i think you should have lady saw, miss thing, nicki minaj, diamond, miley cyrus, shikira and eve eve but let eve be a way to unlock her after the game

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