by Brittanyf on September 3, 2011 at 03:34 PM EST

Writing about things that hit home to me, is what I love. Support in ANYTHING you do, is always helpful.  Weather it is supporting your children at football practice, to being at every one of their games. From encouraging them to do their best in academic to extracurricular. It is vital for our kids.

My father is teacher and a coach. I grew up watching him encourage his students and players. Recently, I forced him to get a Facebook page. A lot of his former students and players reconnected with him. I love reading the messages that they send to him. One of them stuck with me.  This guy, who he had taught 20 years ago, was telling him that he will never forget the day he tried out for football. They had tryouts for a week, and then my dad had to make the cuts. This guy was a hefty kid and wasn’t much of an athlete at all. He said, “You called me in your office and told me to close the door and take a seat. I sat there wondering if I made the team. That day taught me a lesson that I will never forget. I don’t even know if you remember all of this, but I remember it clear as day. You told me that you saw potential in me, but this year I did not make the team. You told me that  I could stay for practice and get my skills up, if I wanted too. You said try again next year, and I did. I made the team next year. Although I did not make the team the first year, you let me practice with the team to get better. Now I am in the Navy, and I run everyday. My weight was an issue then, but after playing football for you, I kept working hard. I have lost 120 pounds and every time I go running I think about you. I never had a father figure in my life, and Coach, you stepped in to be that.”

Its stories like that make me smile and grateful to have a supporter behind me. Children need encouragement, and they don’t like to be corrected. Although as parents, it is very important to correct them, and encourage them. One of the children in my GFN Jr group, rarely gets the encouragement that he deserves. Therefore, he doesn’t think that he can do much. He will tell me he doesn’t want to participate, and he is not good at anything. That hurts me to hear that, but after encouraging him and watching him, he can do anything he puts his mind do. He just has to believe it.

So parents please support and encourage your children. Correction is important, but build them to make them better young people. Stay connected with GamerFitNation for all of your latest gaming and health news.

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