Gamer Workout: Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 11
by Scott Herman on September 7, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 11

Have a question for Sean and I? Feel free to send us your questions at Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Also, remember that the questions being answered in this video are listed in the INFO section of the video when watching on YouTube! Check it out!

Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 11

Scott & Sean- Q&A- Ep. 11

(0:55)- Toby Manley
Hi Scott
My names Toby and I have a question about basic carbs. I’m 6ft and i weigh about 11.5 stone. I’ve been going to the gym for about 6 months and recently i was offered a free ‘nutrition seminar’ by a personal trainer. He basically tried to get me to spend £300 a month on his training, but more importantly, he said to build muscle quickly and tone you can’t eat pasta, rice, potato or bread of any kind. Is this correct? I only ever eat wholewheat bread/pasta/rice anyway. I don’t have a lot of money and foods like bread and wholewheat pasta/ rice are affordable and give me energy when I work out. You said yourself that you enjoy bagels and peanut butter in one of your nutrition videos so I’m hoping this trainer is wrong. I’m quite a lean individual and I have a six pack but it’s not super defined, so should I cut out on bread etc to get more definition?

(8:05)- Shridhar TM
Hey Scott
Let me introduce myself first, My name is Shridhar n ‘m from Bangalore, India. I am just like one of 1000s u might have met who has that elusive dream about having a six packs….. I stand 165cms and weighed over 80kgs a couple of years back.
With lot of dedication and determination, I was successful in losing that extra weight and now I am about 58Kgs, however I‘m still not happy, coz now I look skinny and a lot of weight training n protein supplements have not helped me get my dream body. I am so obsessed with six packs and have put my heart n soul and tried everything but, haven’t reached to where I would want to see myself. I am in the verge of giving it up and just maintain whatever I have now.
I want to put on some lean muscles, so here are my questions and hope to get good directions from you…
1) After losing weight my muscle and skin is not firm, especially near the abs so, whatever I try the definitions are not clear.
a. Lost 48.5 pounds (22.2 kg)
i. Might have loose skin? Needs to build more mass… meal plan?
ii. Might have lost more muscle than intended.
2) The muscle becomes hard only when I pump the iron and its back to normal size n form once body cools down.
a. This is normal
3) I have started feeling that my body does not respond, which is kind a demotivating.
a. Change up your routine
4) I am vegetarian and lot of trainer feel that is the reason for not having the firmness.
a. Sean
5) I don’t eat meat & just started egg whites a year back after my trainer insisting on it, but have not seen any difference.
a. Foods for protein
b. Meal plan does show you who to eat for your goal is a vegetarian, 1000s of meal plans to choose from!
As mentioned earlier, I am vegetarian and eat only egg whites(don’t know if I should call myself egg-etarian ?) so, my concern is to get a good diet plans to help me and also amount of cardio n weight training I need to do.
Hope to see your response at the earliest so that I can get started with my quest of six packs again with ur training.

(15:25)- Amanda Cirone
Scott and Sean, Thank you guys so much for all of the amazing advice regarding workouts and meal plans. They really do make a difference. I\’ve been working out since I was about 13. I started off with about a 30 minute workout a day and then as I got older, found new exercises, and found that working out longer gave me better results, my workout lengthened to approximately 3.5 hours. In real-life, when I\’m not a student, will have a full-time job, and hopefully a decent social life (cheers to hoping!), a three to four hour workout is not possible. I\’ve asked my friends that are into fitness and Googled it multiple times what the proper workout length is. I don\’t know what sources to trust….except you. That\’s the situation. My question for you is what is the proper length of time to workout? That sounds a bit odd when saying it because it depends on intensity, but I need a time frame. Is there a proper amount of time to workout? I don\’t know. I need your guidance. I trust your opinions. Thanks :-) —Amanda
• 45-90 minutes
• Talk about muscle gain/rest periods
• Total body training, etc

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