True Gamer of the Week: Tony Money
by Brittanyf on September 8, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

True GamerGamerFitNation’s True Gamer of the week is Tony Money.

Tony Money, has been involved in the entertainment industry since 2008. He has filmed shows for E! and Style Networks, has been involved in the Post Production of VH1’s Tool Academy 2 and has even been seen on shows like MTV’s Sweet 16/21 Remix (Svetlana’s from Real World) planning the celebs birthday party, Jimmy Kimmel Live (1 on 1 interview), an upcoming episode of Showtime’s The Big C (Season 2 Episode 10), MTV’s Man and Wife Show and many others. He is currently involved in a syndicated weekly show where he is the host (Pre-Production). I’ve been a gamer since the days of the CollecoVison, NES and Turbografix-16 (Bonk’s Adventure Ruled!!!!). launched Feb 26, 2011. From that date to today, we have received 3,817,140 hits on the site. Our intentions are to be in direct competition of G4tv (for our show content) and (for website content). Adding shows (current and future) like Work It Out, s2u, GVR, the 2nd Opinion, The Weekly Jumpoff and Getting It Up, to the mix pushes us past the others attempting those same goals. We have shot a pilot of the Work It Out show, which starred the Winner of VH1’s Tool Academy and a member of the Wu-tang Clan, where they move into a troubled couples home to help fix their relationship. We shot some of the show at Rza’s Mansion in NJ! Also, due to popular request by readers and staff members alike, among the topics we are increasing our focus upon at is gaming across all platforms.  Other areas of interest that we cover are Automotive, Music, Movies, Tech and Fashion.

The pilot of shifted2u, the show, is currently filming. Our first episode is pretty epic, starring the producer, Josh Williams from 30 Rock and The Taking of Pelham 123 movie (to name a few that he was involved in) and the world famous photographer, Steve Azzara. The pilot will be broadcasted on a big name network, so keep your eyes peeling for the date drop.

We also signed up with an amazing publicist, Billie Mitchell of Supernova Models and Pr Agency (which recently had dinner with Jamie Foxx and chilled on a yacht with Tyra Banks). This lady and her firm are amazing and are going to take the Shifted brand to a worldwide household name level.

Tony has owned  Xbox 360 (Its Tony Money), Ps3 (shifted2u), PC and Atari Jaguar. Yes I still have an Atari Jaguar, this system was so ahead of its time and the game Alien’s Vs Predator got me into FPS’.

I first started gaming at my cousin’s house playing street fighter on the nes back in the day when I lived in Florida. From there I jammed on games like Chronotrigger, Rygar, Metal Gear, Earthbound and of course Super Mario Bros. Those games sparked my addiction into the gaming world. Where I would sneak out into the living room in the middle of the night and play the on the TV hoping my parents wouldn’t catch me. You all know you did the same thing! Later on, I remember a time I never even heard of the Playstation (1) and my friend came over with Resident Evil. It made me speechless and scared shitless!

GamerFitNation is something that should be a standard for gamers to visit. You are offering an outlook that most people haven’t even thought about. When these congress men and women attempt to ban gaming in Supreme Court it is sites like yours that give us the voice. GFN shows those right winged, simple minded, one thought, higher ups, that gaming can be more than just killing and violence. You encourage people to work out, stay fit and game your way to a better life. You are fighting against everything that has been stereotyped; this can be hard, but with the support of the gaming community, we can prove that we are nothing like they assume! – Tony


What keeps you gaming: Those damn Xbox achievements! I’m an achievement whore and proud of it. That’s not the only thing keeping me lit up with gaming interests tho, being that I own a entertainment website, I get tons of review copies so it’s only fit to play the hell outta them. Lately, it’s been really difficult to work some time in with my gaming relationship. With the filming of 2 tv shows, one of which I’m the host, moving to Cali from Jersey (this month), maintain the business/website and all the other fun stuff I can’t chat about right now :0)

Workout regimen and eating habits: I love food, I’ll tune into the travel channel and food network just to find new spots to indulge in a sensory overload, but I know with my human food disposal habit I have to work out. If I’m not cursing out my TV while doing P90x, I’m doing military workouts (I was a 12-C for the US Army in Ft. Leonardwood, MO). I try my hardest to stay away from the greasy foods. At one time that’s all I ate was fast food, now that I don’t, it carries a different weight and it’s hard to enjoy.

Advice to gamers who are struggling with weight issues: Don’t give up. You may not notice results right away, it takes time. The hardest part is to keep working out; things do get in the way, like work, activities, partying, gaming, etc, but try to make time for a quick work out. After 90 days of daily training you will see an amazing transformation. What you should do is take a photo of yourself front, side and back when you start and in 90 days take another photo. You will crap your pants with the changes your body has made and this will be motivation to continue. If you can’t afford to go to a gym or have a personal trainer, playing dance games on Kinect or ps3 is a great way to start, plus you‘ll get to put the mack on at the club dance floors.

Health wise what are you goals: Me, I’m naturally skinny, due to a high metabolism. My goals are to gain enough muscle mass to be comfortable with my body. This was a first step for me, is to understand that I’m not happy with how I look and that I want it to look better, not just for me, but for my wife. Everyone should understand not to take that out of context and work yourself to the point where you are damaging your body, there needs to be a happy medium. My goals are to take my 185lbs to around 210 in muscle mass. I’m 6 ft 4 and a skinny mofo, so adding that mass would make me more of a heartthrob for my lady.

Opinion on Health and Gaming: Stereotypes like to say that only fat, lazy people game. That’s not the case. Sure there are some people that fit that mold, but with consoles reaching out and trying to make people more active in gaming (with wireless full body movements), we can show them that is a thought of the past. As it stand gaming is an escape and stress reliever for me from real life things and headaches that I have. When I’m feeling down or about to break, I turn to my close friends and family, but I also turn to gaming. It keeps me level headed.

I used to be an operations manager for a counseling service where children with deep issues came for help and guidance. Do you know what common ground we used to help us relate to the children that would talk about their issues to their family? Gaming! We played video games with them and in doing so, they were able to relax and open up.

It really aggravates me when these simple minded politicians think that gaming is a root of evil. They have no idea the amount of therapy something so simple as picking up a controller can be to people of all ages.

Opinion on the current motion technology i.e Playstation Move: I think body movement gaming is a great start to promote healthier living. Sometimes the repetitiveness of normal Physical Training is enough to turn someone off, but adding in a gaming aspect will keep them interested. Most times when you’re gaming this way, it doesn’t feel like a work out, but it is. I only wish that they would be more able to work in tight spaces. The Kinect/eye is a waste of money to someone in a NYC apartment that doesn’t have the appropriate space or someone that has their entertainment center in their bedroom. I tried playing Kung Fu Live in my bedroom and I just gave up. I knew it was a fun game from playing it at the last Pax Prime, but it just didn’t work in my bedroom.

Also, the fails that I get to see on sites like YouTube keep me entertained.

The PsVita is pretty cool too. The games that I’ve gotten to play, focus heavily on real-time player movement. This is beneficial to the player since technically they are moving more than they used to and other people watching them can get a laugh for how stupid they look moving around. :0)

GamerFitNation would like to thank Tony for letting us into his world. We appreciate you giving us through answer. Welcome to the club.

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    Money, money, money, money!

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