37 celebs that should be in the Next Def Jam Fighting Game
by Antwand Pearman on October 1, 2011 at 01:57 PM EST

37 celebs that should be in the Next Def Jam Fighting Game.

            For Part 1 of the two part series Click Here

Assuming you read part 1, BlackBible now ask that you follow him a little further down the rabbit hole as he explains why these 37 celebrities should be in the roster for a new Def Jam Fighting Game. Also be sure to leave comments on if you agree, disagree, or have better picks we’d love to hear your thoughts.

East Coast crew:

Hov Leader of the East Coast Crews

1. Kanye West -Read below
2. Fabulous – a Def Jam Artist
3. Lil Kim- Returning to the franchise & great opportunity to show Nicki Minaj how she really feels.
4. 50 cent-He’s a good fit for the series.
5. Drake- Somebody’s gotta rep Canada plus he’s kinda big right now.

Why Kanye? –Come on, who would want to do a blazin move with this guy knowing that his Ego would be some how apart of it.

Dirty South Crew:

Scarface Leader of the Dirty South Crew

1. Lil Wanye – I think most would agree that he’d be a good fight for the game.
2. T.I- Returning to the franchise plus he needs a chance to be in a good Def Jam Fighting game.
3. Ludacris- Returning to the series.
4. Nicki Minaj-Read Below
5. Rick Ross- He’s the Boss, so he’s gotta represent!

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj

Why Nicki Minaj? – It’s simple really, I want to see a Blazin Move that involves her A@$! Now before you go “Dude, that’s immature!” Stop it! Because you know damn well you would want to see it too. Besides Lil Kim and Nicki will finally be able to settle their beef but with fists.

West Coast Crew:

Leader of the West Coast Crew

1. Justin Bieber -Read Below
2. Ice T- Returning to series, plus he’s the man.
3. Rihanna- She’s a Def Jam artist who fits in the game. plus as DLC Chris Brown, would be an awesome adversary.
4. The Game- Not only does he fit for the series but Him and 50 cent have a heated past.
5. Ice Cube/Snoop- They fit plus they are Icons.

Justin Bieber AKA Biebz

Why Justin Bieber? Before you say “Oh hell no” understand that he’s a perfect pick for the series. Half of you want to be him, and the other have want to beat him. Do I really have to explain this? Besides if they did do a game he’s be in it regardless, because he’s a Def Jam recording artist. Also don’t forget he played a killer on C.S.I so Image doesn’t get affected by being in the game.

Miscellaneous Crew:

Representing the sexy women of Def Jam Fighting

1. Terry Crew- He’s awesome, and a good fit for the series
2. Eminem- Adds crazy to the mix.
3. Kevin Hart- Adds comedy to the Mix
4. Kim Kardashian/Amber Rose (Note) if you have to as why, see Nicki Minaj Excuse Above.
5. Jay-Z- I feel he is a good fit for the series.

There’s no Def Jam Fight without Red & Meth

Returning Crew:
1. Method & Red Man -How can you make a Def Jam title without the 2 that started it all off
2. Ghost Face killa – Returning to the series
3. Henry Rollin – He’s been an awesome trainer in each one.
4. D-Mob- He’s a Key person as long as Chris Judge does voice acting for him again.
5. Manny

G.O.A.T’s Crew:

The G.O.A.T Villain of Def Jam Fighting

  1. Big Bio- Returning Back
  2. Baby- Be decent addition to the series
  3. Xzibit- Returning
  4. Busta AKA Magic- Returning
  5. Bow Wow- Good fit for the series.
For the most part I believe that some of you will agree with most of the celebrities I have chosen. On the other hand a lot of you will feel you can do better. I ask you all to share your thoughts on who you feel will be in another Def Jam Title, as well as let me know your thoughts about my picks. I thank you all for taking the time out to read my articles. I can’t wait to hear from you.
Be sure to check out my original article Def Jam Fighting: Reborn.
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  • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

    Also if you guys want to discuss this I’m here and ready. 

    • Cooty2000

      Don’t forget about Kendrick lamar that would be dope !

  • Anonymous

    Busta Rhymes with his dreads would a good fit, have him do some special move where he beats you with them or something. Also what would be nice if the character models weren’t too realistic and kind of like those in Street Fighter IV or Resident Evil 5. This really good, you can tell that I lot of thought went into this, unlike other articles on the internet these days, anyway nice work.

    • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

      Thank you very much glad you like 

  • Anonymous

    -Jay-Z as H.O.V., Kanye, Method Man, Redman, RZA, Ghostface, Fabulous, Cam’ron, Freekey Zekey, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Vado, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Beanie Sigel, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe

    -Dr. Dre, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″, Snoop Dogg (dunno how, but it should happen), Warren G, Ice Cube, WC, Mack 10, The Game, Xzibit, Ice T

    -Scarface, Ludacris, T.I., Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake (put him here since he’s with YMCMB), Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Ace Hood, Big Boi, Andre 3000, David Banner, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Bonecrusher, MJG, 8 Ball, Bun B, Pitbull

    -Wyclef Jean, Akon, Sean Paul, Beanie Man, Elephant Man, Sean Kingston, Mavado

    -Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Rhianna, Kerri Hilson, Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Nina Sky (having the twins play together), Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Kreayshawn (White Girl Mob; I wanna see her get her ass beat), V-Nasty (White Girl Mob; same as Kreayshawn), DJ Lil Debbie (White Girl Mob; same as Kreayshawn)

    These are what popped into my head. There are probably others but this is kinda my dream list.

    • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

      I didn’t add Big and Pac for a few reasons. 1. You have to remember there’s licensing issues. 2. they are both deceased, and I feel some people would get offended by seeing to of there favorite rappers reliving their beef through a game. They are legends let them stay rested. I say this for people wondering why I didn’t add them.

    • Def Jam Biggest Fan!!

      Lol everybody knows that 50 is from the south side not east!

      • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

        Dude, He’s from the Southside of queens, New York…it’s still the east…(Facepalm)

        • Def Jam Biggest Fan!!

          well… faceplam for me then. But when will the game get released? (what year) And could add DMX to? hes like the sickest rapper ever…

      • Kbgent


    • Ghost

      isnt 50 cent from the south?? And of all those you could think, didnt DMX came in your head? (But nice list)

  • loki

    bring icp or someone for that label boondox abk twiztid


    webbie,boosie,lil phat, rocsi,terrence j,2pac,biggie,lilwayne(hotboys), guccimane,wakaflocka,50cent,bow wow,the whole no limit(as the o.g’s)
    bone thugs n harmony(back in da 90’s),meth and red man,dipset,drake,
    daz,kurupt,eazy e,n.w.a,deathrow,the old crazy eminem(yall must have him)
    paul wall,game,travis porter,nikki manja,trina,alica keys,kevin hart,mike epps
    ying yang twins,lil scrappy,young jezzy,nae nae (lil wayne daughter)
    ice t,yella wolf,jay z,benie singles,warren g,rick ross,justin bieber(the c.s.i one)
    bebo off friday,chris tucker(as smokey),nate dogg(r.i.p),mack 10,ludacris,cris brown,busta rymes,tiny(t.i wife)toya(lil wayne ex wife)kiesha cole,ezael(off friday)
    david banner,lebron james,kobe bryant,rajon rondo,dirrick rose,tyrese,genewine,
    dmx,nas,plies,trick daddy,romeo,joe budden, and more at least 90(fighters) and at least 6 different(story modes) THE STREETS IS WAITIN ON A NEW DEF JAM FIGHT(FIGHTING) NOT RAPPIN AND ICON WAS SO BORIN!

  • guest

    nice but 1prob u need to make justin biebers crew more gay! xD dont give him the game ice t and really ice cube/snoop? they r legends they cant be with jb omg

  • guest

    btw could you add !!!Tupac!!! it would be awesome!! you can make hes own crew “The Lost Legends” or something

  • Justin

    It would be better to have really underground artists and artists who are very relevant but not mainstream on here. Owners of streetwear brands. Other people that would just fit well in a fight game but can’t have a WHOLE fight game evolved around what they do.

    -Danny Brown-Nick “Diamond” Tershay (owner of Diamond Supply co.)

    -Antwuan Dixon (Skater for Deathwish Skateboards)

    -MC Ride (from Death Grips. look them up)

    -Kimbo Slice

    -Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks (The Cool Kids)

    -Freddie Gibbs

    -Dom Kennedy

    – Somehow get MF Doom


    -Tommy Wright III

    Original Characters they should bring back


    -Drake (the breakdancing dude)


    Pretty much, all of them if it isn’t too many

    I wish I knew how to make video games sometimes. And if you got to pitch ideas for a company, they would probably make you do other stuff like writing the whole story line or something

  • Def Jam Biggest Fan!!

    Ey man! this is so complicated! can you just comment the name of all rappers that will be in game? example: Xzibit, The Game, Hopsin…? :)

  • Corrie Drakes

    Great article this needs to happen right here, RIGHT NOW. Just it always nice to see some non rappers in the mix Michael jai white would be a good fit as hes is an actor and a martial artist. Anyone seen Blood and Bone thats DJF4NY the movie right there ;) Kimbo Slice would be good and that big wrestler guy from Blood and Bone could work well, think his name is Bob Sapp. The Jabbawockeez is part of modern culture and going up against a couple of B-Boys in a fight could be jokes to say the least (i.e. Crazy Legs). Just a few other well known movie Martial Artist like Scott Adkins (Yuri Boyka: Undisputed II). That’s all I can think of right now. But Kim Kardashian or Rhianna would be a nice addition.

  • Thank You Based God

    Put Based God ” Lil B” and Soulja Boy

  • Kai

    Check the Boo Ya Tribe for the west coast they will make a great addition to the game!

  • Guest


  • http://www.facebook.com/j.m.blaze1 J MerkEm Blaze

    Yo, you cannot leave out these guys in the east. Put Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Jacob the Jeweler as part of the Dragon House. John Witherspoon, the Wayans Brothers all four… Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Have to put them in the next one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/j.m.blaze1 J MerkEm Blaze

    Also for Ruff Ryders:

    Sheek Louch
    Murda Mook
    Philly Swain
    Philly Freeway

    shit will be hot…..

  • trey

    u shou;d also put 2 chainz on the games sence he is the man right now

  • trey

    put webbie on there 2

  • CJ Mendoza

    I like it but we need hopsin and wiz khalifa

  • K_Rock24

    i think you should add more legends in the game that your creating Blackbible like Eazy E, Big L, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Bob Marley, Soulja Slim, Master P, & the late great Michael Jackson that will be huge on the def jam fighting game. plus add more southern hospitality rappers in the south crew like Lil’ Scrappy & wife Erica Dixon, 2 Chainz, Future, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Rasheeda the boss, Young Jeezy. Big Boi & Andre 3000 from Outkast, B.O.B, Three 6 Mafia, Lil’ Boosie bad azz, Webbie, Paul Wall, Slim Thugg, OJ da Juiceman, 8Ball & MJG, Juvenile, & more rappers that need to be on this game trust me bra this will be the hardest game ever.

  • K_Rock24

    have more than 37 celebrities like close to 50 that should be it & put more attires for the game like ralph lauren polo, american eagle, ed hardy, akoo, true religion, dolce & gabana & snap backs. Also don’t forget about the whips too.

  • Trevon

    There should be more modes then just fighting also doing the beginning of the story you should have to get him a job and work until manny tell you about the fighting tournament. also the ability to drive around the city and go to stores and and fight locations

  • Trevon

    Also like Def Jam Fight For NY they should interact when thrown into the wall or crowd, and a bunch of 90’s and modern music soundtrack for the game

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kyle-Montique/100000586893184 Kyle Montique

    the more celebs they have on the game the more time it may take for the game to beat if they do the game but i would really love for EA to release another one i think it would be worth it. But only time will tell so we’ll see

  • http://www.facebook.com/zachery.sapp.9 Zachery Sapp

    i think yall should feature 2chainz or future and release the game this year

  • ArronJ57

    I don’t have a problem with your character selection but where is Wiz Khalifa or
    Kendrick Lamar repping the west, A$AP Rocky or A$AP Ferg repping the east, Waka
    Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane or Juicy J and Project Pat repping the south (as a
    tag team), Papoose or Cassidy repping the north. Even add Bone Thugz~N~Harmony
    as an unlockable crew. I like the way everything is set up but I think more
    artist people actually enjoy listening to deserve a chance of getting in the
    game as well. I’m a Def Jam player and I love the games being created but FFNY
    was the best one and to top that one you should bring in artists that are most
    popular to expand the game buyers. I really think this could be best fighting
    game of the year but in order to have a great game you should appeal to the
    public’s favorite artists.

  • Niggalicious

    I’d love to see groups playing a big role, I think Tech N9ne, Stevie Stone, Rittz, and Krizz Kalliko would represent Strange music, Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright and SwizZz would rep Funk Volume, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock could rep T.D.E, Tyga, Bow wow, Drake, and Lil Wayne:( could rep YMCM and then G.B.E would consist of Chief Keef, Lil Durk, SD, and Rondonumbanine. I think they could be dlc but it’d be neat to have a variety of different rappers on a game like this

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