Breaking Bad- My Ultimate Video Game Villain and Reasons Why
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on October 5, 2011 at 06:00 PM EST

SPOILER ALERT! Please note there may be some spoilers to some critical points of Breaking Bad. I won’t embed the videos in the post. You need to click the links to see the Evil for yourself. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Recently I’ve been watching this show called Breaking Bad on AMC, maybe you’ve seen it. Now this prompted me to write this editorial on the main villain of the show. When you think of an evil villain, he has to be sinister, ruthless, conniving and brutal. Now the villain I think that would make the ultimate video game bad guy is Gustavo from Breaking Bad and here’s why.


He doesn’t just commit murders, he will rub in your face and make you feel like nothing. The example I want to show is that he murdered a ton of people by simply outsmarting them and proving that he was the stronger adversary.  The lengths he will go to ensure his dominance surpass that of any villain or video game character, I have never seen this before and this clip posted below is proof of that. I will quote our Editor in chief BlackBible as he calls this scene “The Killing of Mexico” and also says “HE KILLED MEXICO!”  There are spoilers in the link below so please be cautious.

Killing of Mexico:


Most crime bosses usually make death threats but won’t actually carry out what they say. This man will actually do what he says and will have no remorse for those that he has to kill. If he can’t directly affect you, he will make you wish he had ended your existence by his own hands. Towns fear this man, police fear this man, and you will fear this man. What is worse than a man that speaks to much? A man that speaks to little. He is a deadly crime boss to be reckoned with and his strength and presence is unmatched. He will do anything and kill anyone who stands in his way to get the power that he feels he righteously deserves.



Gus has a plan for everything. He is one of the most well thought out criminal masterminds that I have ever witnessed. He makes sure that he has every little detail prepared in advance so that if anything goes wrong he has a backup plan. He thinks about every situation that may possibly happen and if you think you can outsmart him, than you are very naive. He treats life like a chess game and he is always ten steps ahead of you. Only the very best and brutal criminals have no fear and this man is just that.

Come at me bro:


Gustavo is a brutal murderer. He kills his enemies so methodically that even Satan himself would be afraid to do battle with him. There was one scene that I saw and when I witness it, I was appalled and amazed at the same time. Its a very graphic scene where he murders one of his own associates to prove a point.  I won’t tell you how he does it because I wouldn’t be able to explain it in a manner that would be coherent.

Finally, I feel that Gustavo from Breaking Bad should be incorporated as video game villain in some franchise or even his own. The companies that I could see being able to take his character and really portray him the way he is supposed to be are Naughty Dog, RockStar, Quantic Dream. There are other companies but, these are the ones that I feel can take his evil essence and bring it to life. Now its your turn.

Who is your ultimate Video Game Villain to you and why? Leave your comments below!

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  • BlackBible

    The man killed Mexico Nuff said! 

  • Dave Sikora

    YES, he is insane! Such a great villain! Gus and Ben Linus from LOST are the best villains in television history in my opinion!

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