Skylander Spyro’s Adventures Interview with Joel Cohenl, and Alec Sokolow
by Antwand Pearman on October 15, 2011 at 02:52 AM EST

Gaming History has been made again! It has been announced in this interview that Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure will be the 1st game in history to do cross platform data sharing.  Yes, you can share your creatures data across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, 3DS, & PC. Both Joel Cohenl, and Alec Sokolow broke the News and Activision Developers and PR have confirmed it.

This children’s game is not only something that is uniquely entertaining and fun but, it has also reshaped the way that Gamers view gaming by breaking all the rules we all abide by. The rule is that you can’t share data from Xbox onto PlayStation to the Wii. These great story writers and developers have bridge a gap that most thought was impossible to do. The question I ask you all is this the start of a new era of how we play video games between consoles? Please share your thoughts on this ground breaking news.

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  • BlackBible

    Do you guys realize what this means? So many doors can be open with this amazing announcement. Think about it Activision has basically presented a possibly for future titles to be cross platform for multiplayer. They’ve set a precedency in the gaming world that can shake the idea that you must have friends on the same platform to play a online match of Call of Duty.

  • Anonymous

    Cross platform is something I am so excited to see more of. I love that more people are embracing the possibilities as apposed to being strictly competitive! 

    Great interview BB!

  • Sean Estes

    At first I thought they didn’t understand what they had just announced but after you clarified it for them and they still said it’s possible all I can say is Wow that is just Amazing!! I never thought I would see the day that something this spectacular would occur in the industry. I truly hope that this becomes a standard for the industry by time the next generation of systems hits the shelves.

  • Takesi Akamatsu

    Fascinating.  Imagine Activision bringing back Guitar Hero with this feature.

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