Weirdest Final Fantasy Characters
by Chiccora on October 26, 2011 at 02:45 PM EST

Final Fantasy fans are in for a treat. In January of 2012, the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII will be released for Xbox 360. We will also see a remake of Final Fantasy X for the Vita, which is giving me more of an urge to pick that little portable badboy up. The Final Fantasy X remake entitled Final Fantasy X HD will also be made available on the PS3.We also have the TBA game Final Fantasy versus XIII which does not have an official release date, however the trailer is astonishing and makes me wish I was literally in that video game.

With these new titles coming out, we can also expect to see some new weird creatures and characters. Although most Final Fantasy titles are unrelated, many share similar elements and creatures in different, unique settings. This is one thing that makes the series great, the gamers differ from one another yet have similar elements to make veteran Final Fantasy players feel at home. There have been many great heroes and enemies shown throughout the series such as Sephiroth, or Squall. However, lets not forget those lovable weird and crazy characters that give the game a truly unique standpoint. Here are some of the weirdest characters and creatures to ever show up in the franchise.

Moogles (Multiple Final Fantasy titles)

These weird looking creatures that have changed their look through various years first appeared in the Final Fantasy series back in Final Fantasy III for Nintendo. They have shown up in almost every Final Fantasy since that time. They have acted as advisors, friends, party members and even as weapons. Moogles are essentially the Ewoks of Final Fantasy. Moogles are cute, yet deadly. Their look has changed throughout the years, we started seeing a new kind of moogle back in Final Fantasy XII. Although their looks has changed, one things remains, they love saying ‘Kupo!’. Not too sure what it means. It can be a word in a moogle language, or an uncontrolled impulse, we will never know.

Umaro (Final Fantasy VI)

Why did Umaro from Final Fantasy VI make the list? Um because he is a sasquatch! In the game his class is even called yeti. Umaro is a secret character you encounter late in the game, you must battle him by a skull on a stick he created (Cmon, how hardcore is that). Once he joins you, you officially have a yeti on your team. Final Fantasy fans who happen to be crypto zoologists (I know you are out there) loved the fact that you could play as a sasquatch. Umaro didn’t do much though, in fact, you could not control him. You equipped relics onto him and depending what was equipped, is the kind of action he would perform. That being said, Umaro still served as a mean tank for any party.

Tonberry (Multiple Final Fantasy titles)

Not only is Tonberry a strange creature, it is creepy as heck. It’s first appearance was back in Final Fantasy V, and since that time has been an enemy that many dread to encounter. These green hermits don’t seem deadly, but they are. The walk slowly and are quite creepy holding that lantern. When you least expect it, they pull out a knife and do insane amounts of damage to a party member. The creepy Tonberry is a reason why you sometimes hear people saying that small guys can put up a good fight!

Chocobo (Multiple Final Fantasy Titles)

The chocobo is an iconic Final Fantasy creature that has been around since the NES days. Although, it is iconic, it is still weird. To me, it’s a genetic experiment gone wrong between an ostrich and a horse, however the characters in the various games love these big birds. Chocobos are usually a player’s first means of transportation and serves as a good one. While riding these big yellow things, players will not encounter battle and can get to their destination quickly. That being said, these land hawks are also deadly. Chocobos have been used as a summon spell and used as a warrior’s mount (Similar to cavalry). Whenever playing a Final Fantasy game, always watch for deep forests so you can possibly score yourself a free ride with a chocobo.

Quina (Final Fantasy IX)

Quina is the definition of strange. Not quite sure if Quina is male or female. Being part of the Qu race in the Final Fantasy IX realm, Quina is one of the most bizarre looking creatures ever. Quina is a big white monstrosity with a large red tongue and a chef hat. Quina is a chef and loves frogs. Quina loves frogs so much, that there are tons of mini challenges involving catching frogs. Despite the weirdness that is Quina, he/she is able to cast blue magic which is awesome. Quina has the ability to learn monster’s abilities causing he/she to be one of the most versatile spell casters.

We could discuss weird characters for awhile. Each game has at least one or two strange creatures you encounter. That being said, we can only imagine what the developers have in store for us. Most people tend to just focus on the heroes and villains, but we have to remember all those kooky characters Final Fantasy has to offer. You can never have too much comic relief.


Which FF Characters do you love? Are you excited about the upcoming releases? Did we forget one of your favorite characters on the list? Tell us what you think. 

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