Which Aspect Is More Important In A Game… Gameplay, Graphics, or Online?
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on October 21, 2011 at 02:45 PM EDT

Sitting down late one night talking to one of my buddies about the recently released Gears of War 3. We got into a discussion about the game and talked about how the storyline was great, the graphics were awesome, and how the online and gameplay were well improved. We both had our preferences for what we liked better however, there were a few aspects that we brought up that I wanted to discuss with all of you here on GamerFitNation.


When you play a game, gameplay is a pivotal aspect of the game. Its how you play the game and how it feels as you play. Some games are really fun like Halo, Uncharted, Gears of  War 3, Call of Duty, or Dead island. Then there are the black sheep games that have had some really bad gameplay experiences like Alone in the Dark Inferno, Damnation, and a few others. Could you play a game that had a really bad story but, was easy to play and get into. Third person shooters are notorious for having great gameplay mechanics and physics such as grenade blasts, weapon recoil, and hit detection.

There are some shooters that are pretty sketchy with the hit detection I.E Call of Duty and Uncharted 2 (1.5 title update).  I just wanted throw those out there. Now that I am closing up this section of my article up, my question to you all is this, what are some games that you have played, that have had great gameplay experiences.


I want to say something first and foremost, after playing Battlefield 3 on my Laptop with medium settings, my mind was blown away at the potential of the graphics in this game. I can only imagine what it looks like in ultra settings. One game that stands out to me in this aspect is Crysis. Crysis on the original PC was apparently one game that was graphically superior than any other FPS title at the time. It was a great game graphically but other than that, it was pretty much it. Many people say that game didn’t offer much of anything else in the online or gameplay aspect in terms of FPS games. This may be true as I was apparently told repeated in a previous post here.


Online play became a pivotal part in gaming when Xbox live was introduced last generation and it hasn’t looked back since and has since then evolved. Now we have dreaded friends codes, the PlayStation Network and a way better and superior Xbox live than we’ve ever had before, it seems online is the way to go. Are online features in any game required? Think of all the Massively played online multi-player games that we have to date with DC Universe online, Free realms, Final fantasy XI and XIV also don’t forget World of WarCraft.

There is a huge following for online and the enticement of questing and community features with one another. There is something there that intrigues people and brings them back craving more.

Now, these are the aspects that I feel are equally important. My question to all of you here is this, are any one of these pivotal aspects more important than the other? Will great online play make a great game, will great gameplay make up for a crappy story in a game. Let’s talk about it!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513216826 Nic Furlong

    gameplay for sure!@  One game… Minecraft! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

    gameplay if you had the most beautiful game ever and it had online 256 players on consoles but the only thing you could do was turn left and right it would be stupid

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZ6HZCDYHOK3O57ARJ7B2I5UEQ hello im B.O.B.


  • And1ballrsrp

    Gameplay. You wont get many sales with the most beautiful game in the world, with TERRIBLE gameplay. I can’t believe B.o.B. said Online.

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