Will unranked dedicated servers in MW3 hurt the PC multi-player experience?
by Nic Furlong on October 21, 2011 at 07:51 PM EST

If you have been following my articles, then you will have noticed that I am a hard-core PC Gamer. And you will also have noticed that I tend to get a little ticked off at gaming corporations for sticking their fingers where they don’t belong. Well today I received a xFire from a friend of mine telling me that dedicated servers will be in MW3 (Which is AWESOME!) but they will all be unranked. The only way to level up will be via match making. This immediately sent me into an epic rage and I quickly started looking around to verify if this news was true.

Sadly, within minutes I did indeed confirm this, along with some other bad news which in all likelihood will end my long standing affair with the call of duty series dating back to the original that was released in 2003.

Here is a link from callofduty.com from fourtwozero:


Here is what troubles me:

Dedicated Servers:
It’s great to see dedicated servers in MW3, but as stated they will be unranked servers. This is just another blow to dedicated servers in the gaming industry and a part of a secret plan I believe to eventually rid the gaming world of them.

Anti Hack:
They intend on using VACm CEG and their own methods to provide layers of defense in online multiplayer. Sounds to me like too much going on, and asking for more headaches.

Sigh, no leaning yet again.

Mod Tools:
They are undecided about releasing mod tools. They claim to be focused on catering to the PC players, yet through up all these barriers that prevent us from enjoying what it is we love about being a PC Gamer.

Enough ranting for now. The game still looks great, but like I said, they seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with all these restrictions for the PC gamer. Maybe its time I switch back to console…


What do you guys think? Will this be good or bad for the series? Comment below!

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  • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

    I have to say this is pretty good information looking at it from a console gamers point of view did know a lot of this. 

  • NotA-Sheep

    Thats what they want, everyone switching to console so they can box everyone into crappy games for loads of money and no other alternative. Without PC gamers ( the smart ones) creating mods, new maps and other stuff there is no one left to improve on the junk they toss out and are forced to accept if you want to game.

  • reowner

    Switch back to console? Hell no, they still put Unranked dedicated
    servers and that is awesome. the Server admin can control what to
    unclock for all the players even though u haven’t unlocked it in the
    public peer-to-peer games, say one team can have shotties, and one team
    can have machine guns, trust me it will be lots of fun in the unranked
    servers. -reowner

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