10 Games You Don’t Want To Get For Christmas
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on November 25, 2011 at 04:00 PM EST

It’s the 25th of December and you’re running downstairs to open up the gifts that your mom, dad, wife, husband, and Santa Claus has bought you. You open the package and you see these titles Duke Nukem, Brink, Street Fighter 4 and Alone in Dark Inferno. You immediately think to yourself “awesome I will be busy until the new year!” As you put the game in your system this happens, click here (warning) at your own risk. (Fyi I warned you in advance)

Duke Nukem

Many people awaited the Duke like school girls with a childhood crush. The only problem is that when they finally got what they were hoping for, it wasn’t what they expected of the 10+ year development of a game that really portrayed its title forever. This game is known for its terrible story, horrid gameplay basically anything bad this game has it. My short answer to gamers and Santa stay away from the Duke.


Ahhh Brink, a game where I had really high hopes this past year. This title was treated with mixed and unfavorable reviews. The game wasn’t as good as the hype was saying and gamers saw that. I personally really wanted to give this game a go, but after seeing that this game had several issues among its online community and mediocre story I was taken back.

Call of Juarez

Now Call of Juarez is a game that captures all of the bad things you wouldn’t want in a FPS game. The lack luster story, stale gameplay, and horrendous AI will make you wish you got a gift receipt to bring this terrible game back. There bright spots in the game but it’s not that bright if it can’t make up for this really bad game. There is multiplayer and that’s probably the best thing worth noting.

Alone in the dark

I hate this game with a passion. I want to tell you more on this game but I don’t want to relive the horrific nights I had playing one of the worst games I have ever played in the history of my PS3 gaming experience. I could write a novel on the issues wrong with game ranging from the crappy graphics to uninteresting story. The gameplay wasn’t fun either, which involved the mechanic of using fire to defeat enemies. The number one thing that utterly annoyed me about this game was the fact that its story had the worst ending I have ever seen in a videogame in my 21 years of gaming and I’m 23 years old. I’m going to stop there because that’s the closest to PG-13 that I’m going to get talking about this game. If you want to know more of the unrated content, contact me on twitter.


What in tarnation is damnation doing on this list? Well the explanation is simple; I recently got a chance to play this game last year as someone bought it for me on Christmas as a gift. I’ll put it like this, playing this game from afar will save you stress and anger. This game is absolutely horrible and I would feel bad if anyone got this game. The platforming was terrible, story abysmal at best and characters left more to be desired.

Street Fighter4 Games,  SSSF4 SSF4 AE

Capcom’s Street Fighter games, I mean what bad can be said about these great games?! They’re fun for the 6 months there out and then you get a Super Street Fighter Edition with 5 or 6 new characters that could have been added as DLC into the original game. Don’t forget it comes with a few new stages as well, they pretty much offer some new eye candy for you to look at for 40 bucks.  Then after they release the Super Street Fighter edition they re-release that as Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition. To sum up my point, buying a Street Fighter game automatically assumes that you will be looking for cash further down the line to buy an updated version of the game if you’re that gullible to say the least.

Marvel vs. Capcom games/Ultimate

Now the Marvel vs. Capcom games are a great gift so don’t be mistaken by seeing them on this list. However there is one teeny tiny problem, it seems that a lot of companies and not just Capcom have a habit of re-releasing the same game with a few additional features to its fans. Now I know some people may be questioning their business practices, I know have. But to a person that wants the latest and greatest games this is just a slap in the face to them. It essentially makes that person’s gift obsolete and if that person has already bought the downloaded content for the previous game and want the new game they can’t switch it over.

Now, I know I said 10 games but if you take into account the Street Fighter and MVC games from Capcom, they seem to have a habit of releasing the same game with different characters or levels at different times. So if you bought the original game you’re pretty much screwed. A lot of these games I posted especially Alone in the Dark will make vomit for playing such a horrible game and well Brink and Duke Nukem those games speak for themselves.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

    i liked brink granted it wasn’t the best shooter and could of had alot more maps but i liked it alot it was a nice break from BF and cod

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      Thank you for your comment the only issue i had with brink is that it was said to be a lot better than what we expected of it. I really thought that it brought a lot of good ideas to the fps genre and i wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel that improves on the problems and issues of the previous title

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

        true S.M.A.R.T could have been way better

  • jbinl

    I like the articles on this site, except I can’t get over the fact that there are grammatical errors in every single one I’ve read up to this point.  I’ll keep checking.  Don’t let me down! =)

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      Thanks for posting on the site! Trust me we are always working on improving. I know i speak for myself when I say I’m not the best writer. but we do have a common interest at heart. Thanks for you comment! :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/nelson.cerqueira Nelson Cerqueira

    Well, imho, the only really bad games are duke and damnation. Alone in the dark is an old game but it’s not entirely repulsive, there are nice moments to be had. As for SS and MvsC should be together, however, if you don’t own any version of the game to receive one of them as a gift isn’t that bad, see for instance, the madden, fifa, tiger woods, pro evolution soccer, nhl & etc, since i don’t particularly like those videogames i see them as the same game being re-released every year, and suddenly just because capcom does it people brand it ‘bad business model’ or whatever. I bet that the people o bought the other versions saw the differences, i may be streching a lil’ bit the issue here, however i do understand your opinion… I tried brink for a few hours, it was an ambitious project that failed miserably, considering the other online shooters out there, yet, again, if it’s a gift, it’s worth checking out. I’ll put a list of ps3 games worth checking out, old and new. 

    Uncharted trilogy – if someone gift this to you, accept it!
    Heavy Rain 
    Demons’ souls
    Wipeout HD+Fury
    Yakuza 3 
    Mirror’s Edge
    Red Dead Redemption GOTY
    GTA4 Complete Edition
    Last but not Least
    any Ratchet & Clank

    And, Mr. Laporte, less raging and more playing! :D

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      advice taken my friend, Playing Skyward Sword right now and loving it! Awesome game

      • http://www.facebook.com/nelson.cerqueira Nelson Cerqueira

        I sold my wii a while ago, maybe i’ll play the wii U version!

        Atm, i’m grinding my way up on the food chain in battlefield 3 for PC and i’m loving it as well! :)

        • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

          man your in for a treat if this comes to WII U. I had my reservations about the game at first but its a very unique in the new direction it takes. 

          Battlefield 3 on PC are you playing on Maximum settings?

          • http://www.facebook.com/nelson.cerqueira Nelson Cerqueira

            I was never a big fan of Legend of Zelda, at least until the windwaker, i loved that game, i bought twilight princess as well but i couldn’t find the strenght to finish it… I play BF3 in high settings 1280×800 (native 1680×1050) but with ambient occlusion , anisotropic filtering and v-sync off, the frames per second vary within the 30~70 range. My machine is a little old… Quadcore @2.4, 4gb ram ddr @ 1066mhz and a sapphire ati radeon hd5830. 

          • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

            not bad, I’m actually buying all the components for my first build at the moment and just picked up 8gb ram today waiting in on the deals though. Cyber Monday here i come!

          • http://www.facebook.com/nelson.cerqueira Nelson Cerqueira

            Well, good luck with the deals! If you ever acquire bf3 for pc hit me up for an epic battle!

  • http://gamerfitnation.com BlackBible

    This coming from the only guy in the world that likes Shaq Fu. Yes that right folks you heard me the Author actually likes Shaq Fu! Proof right here:http://gamerfitnation.com/2011/03/def-jam-fighting-game-reborn-gaming-and-health-thinks-so/ Everytime I think about it, it sickens me SMH…

    • http://www.facebook.com/nelson.cerqueira Nelson Cerqueira

      I saw that game on the shelves for the Mega-drive/Genesis, but never picked it! I once saw that game @ 3€ preowned! And, still, didn’t picked up that game! Haters gonna hate, guess :P 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000201094152 Travis Rector

    I agree with Call of Juarez: THE CARTEL!
    You need to say which one you are talking about.Cal of Juarez Bound in Blood was actually a good game, got positive reviews from critics, and I enjoyed it. But, if you were talking about Cartel (and i hope you were), then I agree with you. I won it in a contest, and it was the worst thing I’ve played EVER on PS3. I literally had to force myself to play to the end, and it was torture! lol

    • Anonymous

      I forced myself to play through it 3 times :( But at least I got all 1000G for it

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000201094152 Travis Rector

        Yea, I forced myself a couple of times too. Every now and then, when I have nothing else to do, absolutely nothing, I’ll try to finish the third character I started.  But, I wish I could sell it or trade it in, but it’s the kind that’s not for resale. And I know no one that would want this game lol

  • tarbis

    Agreed with SF and UMVC3. I’ll wait for SF5 or MVC4 before I buy their previous title.

  • http://lazyassgamer.com/the-tale-of-a-very-long-game-session-a-crusader-kings-2-preview Oliver

    Good idea for a list buddy :)

  • Alex Freund

    I wish you kept the SF and MvC franchise as one game instead of three and two respectively. I finished your list and felt like I was only given 7/10 games that the list guaranteed. I understand they are technically different games, but I just felt like you took a shortcut. I also know many games that could fill in the last three spots. Overall, fantastic list and well written article.

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      You know when I was writing the article, I actually thought about the very point you brought up and I have to say I know where your coming from. I broke it up this way because i felt my point would have more meaning if i showed how the games had an effect on one  another.

      I also wanted to make sure to show people who aren’t really into gaming how this effects them when they purchase gifts for kids, teens, etc. Its the sort of thing that one should know to being an informed shopper. I’m just trying to save parents money and extra trips to the store in the long run LOL. I’m glad you enjoyed and thank you for your kind words.

      I would love to here the three games you would add if you had the time. 

  • Anarchy99

    Call of Duty MW3

  • scott

    hey great article sir, its also awesome to see a writer replying to comments very few do that good stuff mate keep it up.. and yes zelda is amazing

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      thanks for enjoying the article and I love myself some Zelda!

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  • http://twitter.com/samael789 samael789

    It seems apparent to me that you do not play fighting games.

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      Actually I do. I own Tekken 6, Street fighter 4, Super Smash Bros, MVC and I want to get  King of fighters XIII. I just don’t like being nickeled and dimed for content we should have via dlc and pay a new game price for it. I mean its rational that others would feel the same right?

      What fighting games do you like?

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  • Pro update

    Horrible article. You gave NBA 2k12 a 10/10 which is a $60 update from last years title and dont recommend $20-40 fighting game updates that have quite a bit of free dlc heading their way before the holidays. At least Capcom discounts their tite updates unlike EA, 2k games or infinity ward. Ssf4 is nearly 2 years old and had an update released via dlc this past summer and has another free update being released in 2 weeks. Do your homework boy. If someone enjoys fighting games they should definetly check out these titles because it’s not a hugely popular genre and ssf4 and umvc3 are incredibly fun. And I see you were interested in kof13. News flash its not much different from 12 but it’s stilla solid fighter and yes people should buy this and the other popular fighters to keep the genre alive.
    So by your logic you should never play a game that may or may not have a sequel released.
    Alone in the Dark? Couldnt you find a more relevant game that isn’t over 3 years old?

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      I gave NBA 2k12 a 10 because it deserves it. The game is a very authentic basketball title and from one year to the next, I feel it has improved on its already established formula. My opinion of the game is that it was great and i really enjoyed the greatest mode that was included with it. 

      Now I added Alone in the Dark because this is a title that I feel no one should be subjected to play. As others have stated in the comments, the game starts out decently but it shorty changes into a heaping pile of repetition. 

      I’m not saying to disregards sequels to games but when the same title is churned out with nothing new except a new coat of paint and roughly identical gameplay. That’s where i have an issue.  Now in reference to King of Fighters 12 and 13 I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference on those titles as I haven’t played either of them. I can just go by what I have seen of each title. What I have seen in Street Fighter 4 and MVC is a game that has a great base idea and characters that would work great in each game. With that said do really feel that an update adding a few characters and a few new levels warrants a purchase of up to $40 dollars. 

      • Pro update

        At their core there is no difference between the update made from SF4 to SSF4 and NBA 2k11 to NBA2k12. Updated rosters, new characters, modes and balance changes made to both games while core gameplay mechanics remain intact.
        NBA 2k12 was released for $60 12 months after NBA 2k11. SSF4 13 months after SF4 for $40 and SSF4 AE another 14 months later as DLC for $15, the 2012 update is free. Marvel being the exception at 9months which admittedly is a little too soon. 
        Capcom has updated current gen fighting games in disc form twice. Where other companies do it every single year.When it comes down to it its cheaper to play the current version of SF then any sports title or Call of Duty. And the absolute last version of SF4 which is the free 2012 will have a long life span in the online community and competitive circuit.

  • Anonymous

    it’s sad capcom has to resort to this type of cash-grab by having to make its fans repurchase the game after a while with new characters, stages, etc. why can’t they be more like namco? they could have easily released tekken 6 vanilla back in the day and then re-release the bloodline rebellion version. even though in that case it would’ve been welcome as it would’ve eased the long wait for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/weforbes William Forbes

    I like how you slagged off brink and then said that you have never played it. Good one.

    • http://twitter.com/theownerz Gregory Laporte

      I rather be honest then be a liar, I’ve covered a ton of brink news, videos, trailers, etc and have seen the game played in front of my very eyes for several hours on end. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/silent.cafe Kofi B. Agyeman

    dlc works of both versions of mvc3

  • The_Deleted

    Your DLC doesn’t carry over for the MvsC games?!?!?! That’s an utter disgrace!

    • The_Deleted

      Kofi B. Agyeman
      dlc works of both versions of mvc3

      Nevermind…but it’s Capcom…and they are bastards.

  • http://twitter.com/TooDarkPark Park Boyer

    Why does everyone hate Brink so much? I’m just not seeing it. Because it didn’t live up to its own hype? What game does? Hell, for all the crap they put behind Battlefield 3 (and this is a franchise I actually like as opposed to say, CoD) it’s really just more of the same thing with a slightly nicer engine. Brink is a solid game which actually has some really good ideas. It might not be something that’s going to end up stealing the show but warning people away from it (especially when you haven’t actually played it; third hand experience is not personal experience) like it’s the plague is more than a bit brash.

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