Black Eyed Peas The Experience Review (360)
by Kcolston on November 22, 2011 at 06:16 PM EST

Black Eyed Peas The Experience review Xbox 360

Developer: Inis

Console: Xbox 360

Other Platforms:  Wii

Release Date: November 8, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas Experience brings dancing to your gaming console in a new and exciting way. This game will not only teach you a thing or two on your living room dance floor, but it will also dance some pounds of you. As you dance to a sizeable collection of the BEP’s dance hits you’ll have the time of your life moving your humps.

The BEP Experience follows the same regiment as other the dance games that are currently out for the Kinect. Your character stands in the middle circle in front of the Black Eyed Peas while you mimic their dance moves. If you miss a noticeable move or two it will definitely show as your character will begin to look lost.
There are a lot of things going on in your screen during your performance. On the very top, you’ll see your next move in the flash cards. On the lower right side is the number of followers you have  accumulated during your dance performance. Around the feet of the BEP members are the ratings that you will receive for each dance move ranging from “Almost to Incredible”. Lastly, on the upper left side (in small font) is your score.There were a few things this game did a little from the average dance game. In the beginning, you actually have to do a two-step in order to start the game. After you complete your 5-second two-step you automatically go to your welcome screen where you can choose the following modes: Dance party, Deluxe Experience, and Options.

There are more than 25 songs choices for you to choose from. The levels of the songs are: Casual, Skilled, Professional, and Legendary. My only issue with this section was the unorganized display of the selection. In my opinion, the songs should have been grouped by each level. In the Deluxe Experience section, you’ll have the chance to do a lot more. You can practice the dance steps using the dance coach. The dance coach will provide pointers on successfully completing each dance move. You can create your own character and accessorize with the outfits provided and/or the outfits you will unlock. You can gain these accessories by completing the challenges and unlock goals that are required of you in the game.

Overall, I believe the BEP Experience for the Xbox Kinect is an exceptional dance game. If the developers find a way to create an update that will correct the flaws in this game, it would be my number one choice as a fan of the BEP’s.

Final Score:

I give this game a 7/10.

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