Grand Theft Auto 5 The Biggest Co-op Game Ever?
by Antwand Pearman on November 20, 2011 at 12:13 PM EST

Could this Grand Theft Auto be the Fast Five of the series? I ask this question because of recent rumors regarding returning protagonists. When I heard that there was a possibility that Niko Bellic could be in this game and that you may be able to play as multiple characters from the series, I was very excited. I am looking forward to the possibilities of a team Co-Op based GTA game. This might be me swinging for the fence, but honestly how many times can RockStar have you run over a pedestrian and rob a bank, without adding something that comes off as unique and innovative. It is assumed that actor Ned Luke will be the new lead character of GTA V. Imagine if Ned’s character in this game pulls together a team composed of past GTA Hall of Famers. Such as  Carl CJ Johnson from GTA San Andreas, Niko Bellic GTA 4, Claude from GTA 3, and a much older Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City.

The Boss

The Crew

Heck some rumors suggest that Ned Luke’s character may be Tommy Vercetti. So think about a 5 player Co-op game where you and your online friends can come together and take on the ultimate Grand Theft Auto title. Now if you are thinking “What about the single player experience?” My answer to you is this Drop in, and Drop out Co-Op. It will still be the same game just with an AI partner. This has worked before in games such as Gears of War, XBLA titles, and PSN titles. This means that you are not forced to play with another person, it’s just preferred for a better gaming experience.  Think about how much fun the multiplayer only experience of GTA 4 was when you played with a buddy and how awesome it was to have the freedom of an open world without restrictions. Remember team objectives in GTA 4 where if your team didn’t work together the mission couldn’t be completed.


Benefits of Co-Op GTA game:

  • Going to a strip club with friends
  • Taking on rival gangs. Lets go further and say that there can be a mode where teams can jump in and try to make you fail your mission.
  • Group a robberies, drive by shootings, and beat downs.
  • Tactical team base gameplay when robbing a bank or other objectives.
  • Splitting the team in 2 and taking on an objective from different perspectives.
In conclusion there are many benefits to a Co-Op GTA game and I have a feeling that this is where the series is going.  How do you feel about the idea that GTA 5 may be Co-op? Would you want to play a Co-op game of it’s scale? Share your thoughts with us.

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  • BlackBible

    Could this Grand Theft Auto, be the Fast Five of the series? I truly believe so.

  • Boobies

    2 player free-roam… and you can roam as far away from each other as possible

    • BlackBible

      heck you can take on different missions

  • Carson J Gallo

    Screw Co-Op.

    I think they’ll put more focus into the free roam multiplayer mode, and bring the performance up to par with single player, and have the 32 MP support for consoles and 64 for PC, which was mentioned before. But hasn’t been thought about a lot.Imagine the fucking chaos of 64 people going around doing GOD KNOWS WHAT! we’ll be able to do in GTA V. Not to mention the Planes which open up a whole new realm of INSANITY!!! In GTA 4 there was at max what 20 people to a game. And there were only Choppers, and maybe there was a Max 5 in the air at a time. In GTA V Imagine 15 Planes, 10 Choppers, people in tanks, vehicles, RPG’s flying around.IT’LL BE OPEN WORLD BATTLEFIELD 3!!!

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  • Dymez

    I would love to play the campaign in co-op with my buddies.  I don’t know about 4 or 5 players though, that would be cool if it could happen but I think that may much.  I’m cool with a 2 player seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op.  Somebody who has my back and I have theirs.  That’s what it’s all about for me.

    • BlackBible

      Exactly! This guy gets it! 

  • DarthDiggler

    Do you have any evidence of this at all or is Journalism these days just Making Shit Up?  Could you take a second to even point out that this is your speculation?

  • Mostar

    thats ridicolous, that wont happen

  • D…


  • BlackBible

    Grand Theft Auto 5 The Biggest Co-op Game Ever? I believe so…

    • Guest!

      no gta game can be better than GTA san andreas!

  • Friv

    GTA is more powerful game.I played four series of GTA.Now i am looking for GTA5.

  • Beefy1001

    I would love the co-op playing experience to be added! And also, able to buy homes that are functionable meaning u can eat from ur fridge sit at ur table etc. And also able to go into other people homes and take it over :) it should have an open world feeling where as, ur friends can chill out at ur crib and take on other clans! GTA world is large and beautiful so we all should be able to buy homes as our safe house (multi-player) to chill in and stash guns and cars etc. Also multi player mode should have money receive for a kill to buy things, in other words red dead and Sims meet GTA :) this will be the world greatest GAME!

  • Bonereat


  • Brian davon

    hello?have game san andreas

  • Carzybillearl

    if you like this  game, i warned you not to play this on the ps2, it won’t work. it only works  when you have a ps3, only.

  • Yoman

    yes yes yes!!!

  • Tired Gamer

    Saints Row 2 was crappy as far as graphics and the realism was not there compared to GTA 4…however…with its FULL co-op feature, my friends and I played it about 20X more than GTA4…it is beyond foolish they do not have FULL co-op in the GTA series yet…just that half ass co-op mode. I thought Saints row 3 was going to be even better than 2…but it sucked ass…it was a game of gimmicks…GTA5 if you do not have co-op you are a FAIL…its 2012…Duke Nukem 3d in 1995 had full co-op…Mario Brothers in the 80’s had co-op…STOP BEING FOOLISH…as far as realism and simulation though, GTA is top notch…


    shut the H.E.L.L UP

  • andrew

    yes i would love coo-op

  • jamie

    Yes i hope u can go around the town on free play :)

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