Grand Theft Auto V Predictions and Concerns
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on November 2, 2011 at 01:21 AM EST

As many of you know Grand Theft Auto V was recently announced several days ago and in a few short hours the trailer will be shown showcasing the game’s new city, features, protagonist and other new aspects of the game. However, many people really enjoyed Grand Theft Auto 4 but there were a few reservations about the game. The online was fun for the most part, but it had a few issues with friend invites and also some modes were not all that fun to play. Its greatest attribute online was the free roam mode that allowed you to play with a bunch of friends in the same way that you played the single player mode.

As a person who played a ton of hangman’s noose to reach the coveted level 10, I have to say I really hope that in the multiplayer they don’t go about the way of Call of duty games and other such games that incorporate prestige ranks. I really feel that this will kill the multiplayer ranking system and will commercialize an already lackluster experience in my honest opinion. The shining light in this game that I believe most fans are here for is  the side missions or optional quests for gamers to complete. I would much rather have a GTA5 along the lines of something that embodies Vice City, and San Andreas into one game. Taking the best of both titles and combining them together.

That’s just a few of my thoughts about the impending trailer that will launched later today.  Watch the video below of my thoughts on what we can expect from the GTA V trailer.

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  • Guest

    Coveted level 10* btw. seems like you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    • Gregory Laporte

      no actually it was just a mistake on my part with the level cap. 

  • Incontinenziapuperze

    Sounds really interesting , i’ve been a big GTA fan for years and just recently found out about the GTA IV online thing . It’s a very fun experience in my opinion , and i wonder what could be done technologically a few years from now .
    I completely agree with you about the free roam & prestige thing , i also hate it when a game forces you to do stuff you don’t want to do to unlock some weapon or to gain fictional prestige .
    Even though i like all GTA’s my favourite would be San Andreas because you had 3 cities and vast and variable landscapes between them , but the idea of blending all the positive aspects of previous GTA games into the new GTA V while leaving out prestige-based systems in favor of free roaming and online gaming sounds like GTA V is gonna be an amazing game .
    When will the game be released ?

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