Improve Your Health Playing Hockey
by Alfredo on November 14, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Nowadays you can find many ways of having fun and staying fit-one of the most recent was being gaming. As much as I love gaming I have to get out and enjoy the sun. That being said I’m not in the best place to play ice hockey in a pick up game with my friends-thankfully there’s field hockey! But whether it’s in the ice or any a field it’s still a fun sport to play and a great way of staying active.

Lost Body Fat
Whether you’re playing hockey on the ice or a field, you need to maintain a fast pace. By playing a fast paced hockey game you’re using tons of energy and burning unwanted fat. The results might not be the quickest-but time flies by when you’re having fun!

Helps Cardiovascular System
Improving your cardiovascular system improves your stroke volume which is the amount of blood pushed out in one beat, meaning your heart can expand easier. Your blood flow increases, and that’s important so the heart can receive more oxygen. Having a healthy cardiovascular system is also good for temperature regulation because blood can move around easier to regulate your body temperature.

Improves Body Strength
Hockey is a physical game where both upper and lower body muscles are required. While it looks like players are just sliding around the rink they’re putting energy in to do that movement, and where does that energy come from? Most of that energy comes from the legs. Hockey is also a physical sport and collisions happen often, so you’re upper body eventually has to be strong enough to withstand the energy of another body coming you’re way.

Better Coordination
You’re hands and eyes have to be very coordinated-kind of like you’re average gamer. Eye coordination and hand coordination are very important to keep a close eye on the puck and making contact using the stick.

Often in my speech classes I come across the same trivial fact, that public speaking is one of the top fears of you’re average person. Well hockey is a team sport, and in order to work right with your team, you have to talk to them, and you have to be loud enough to be heard. This is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of that fear of speaking-assuming that you have that fear. Now how is speaking health related? Being social is important because talking to people-especially those that make us smile and laugh-makes us happy which tends to be good for you!

So whether you’re into playing field or ice hockey, eventually both are healthy and have the same benefits. I’m always playing different sports and I personally find hockey to be tons of fun and a great way of keeping me healthy.

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  • Gregory Laporte

    great read

  • Nic Furlong

    couldnt agree more! You get an incredible workout playing hockey! 

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