Suggestion Sunday: Vitamin C
by Brittanyf on November 27, 2011 at 03:00 PM EST

I have been hearing so much about vitamin C on the news lately I had to share it will you all.  I know that I probably get more vitamin c than I need, but I am in love with oranges and kiwis.

You are supposed to have 60 mg of Vitamin C a day. This keeps you healthy during the cold season.  One grapefruit has about 88 mg of vitamin C. One orange has about 70 mg of vitamin C. One red pepper raw has about 226 mg of vitamin C. While a kiwi has about 74 mg of vitamin C.

Keep yourself healthy during this holiday season, and have a great week gamers.

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  • Fredolopez

    i could really go for a grapefruit right now, great article!!

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