10 Most Anticipated Games of 2012 Part Deux Viva La Vita
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on December 31, 2011 at 03:00 PM EST

Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of my anticipated games of 2012. You can find part one of the previous article here. Part 2 will feature a few games and focus on some of the PlayStation Vita launch titles. Enjoy!

Title: Devil May Cry HD Collection

Reason: Devil May Cry HD Collection brings players back to the relive the original Dante in all his glory. Not the emo British punk, origin story/ alternative universe that Ninja Theory has created. I’m not discrediting that game. I just have a few issues with it. This game features the original 3 games for the PS2 and have also been updated to included trophies/achievements and better graphics. These 3 games were great excluding the travesty that was DMC2. This is a great collection for gamers that may have missed out on the original games last generation. This HD collection is one of my personal favorites coming out next year and it would be sad if anyone else misses out on it.

Release Date: April 3

Title: Silent Hill Downpour

Reason: Silent Hill Downpour is going to be a great game. The reason is that the horror and gameplay is looking way better than its predecessors. The title has some very good inspiration and the amount of work being put into the game is making it look better than ever. I can already tell that fans of this franchise are going to want to keep this game on their radar, as its shaping up to be a title that horror fans are going to want to keep track of. We don’t have to wait much longer however, as Downpour will be upon us soon.

Release Date: March 6

Title: Starhawk

Reason: Warhawk was a great multiplayer title for the PlayStation 3 when it was released. It built a huge following of pilots and clans that absolutely loved the fun multiplayer experience that was created. Now we have StarHawk which is basically the spiritually successor to Warhawk. This game is shaping up in a great way and with the recent private beta and the upcoming public beta; there is a ton of things for gamers to be excited for about for this game. The gameplay is smooth and the mechs are also very fun. Fans of the previous game are going to be excited for this title and they should be. This title is offering a better single experience than its successor because Warhawk lacked that single player aspect.

Release Date: December 31

Title: PlayStation Vita First Edition bundle /Wi-Fi bundle/3g bundle
Reason: Next Year we are going to be in an epic locked battle for the handheld Market between Sony and Nintendo. Next February the PlayStation Vita formerly known as the NGP will be released and available to North America. The release of this new hardware brings new gameplay experiences and titles made specifically for it. The handheld has the capability to link up to the PS3 and also the ability to play games in full 60fps in all its graphical glory. Although, the release price point may be steep for some at $249.99 for a Wi-Fi model, I think it’s going to be well worth the price. Unlike the PSP, Sony is releasing a pretty decent lineup of games to accompany the handheld when the masses get their hands on it. There are other benefits from the handheld such as other social apps like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and FourSquare. I can only assume that those apps will take full use of the 3g Model. No matter what the bundle is, there is one idea that can be perceived through all of this, the PlayStation Vita is going to be a tremendous handheld to deal with. It will be entertaining to see how the handheld market pans out in 2012 and who can innovate more.

Release Date: February 15th, first edition, Wi-Fi/ 3G February 22nd

Title: Sly 4: Thieves in time

Reason: Sly Cooper and company are going to make a return in 2012 and no it’s not another collection or PSN title, but Sly 4: Thieves in time. Most people haven’t played with Sly Cooper and company in a new adventure, since the last title in PS2 era. I loved the original titles, when I got a chance to play them on the PS2. I am certainly looking forward to playing this new title and seeing what types of predicaments that they get themselves into this time. If the title is any hint to the story of the next game, it seems like we will all be traveling back in time to previous events or something related of that matter. I hope this allows us to revisit old areas, but if it doesn’t I’ll just pick up the HD collection and play the old titles back to back to back.

Release Date: October 1

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