Fortnite rumors/hopes
by Nic Furlong on December 20, 2011 at 01:00 PM EST

Fortnight – “14 days”
Fortnite – “Potentially mind blow survival game of epic proportions”

The talented people at Epic Games have shared with the world a trailer of their upcoming game that they plan on releasing to the masses. The game is called Fortnite. It’s a blend of survival and creative building. (Yes, they have already admitted to inspiration from Minecraft.) From what I’ve deduced thus far, here is my interpretation/how I hope the game will function:

Resources: In order to survive you will have to scavenge for resources to keep yourself alive. These resources will be used for protection, shelter, weapons and so forth. Pooling resources with teammates will prove very valuable. Crafting various items together to build stronger items will prove very beneficial.

Build: Although it won’t be entirely free form building as developers have stated that they want people to build buildings/forts and not some of the other things you’d see in minecraft, I think that there will still be plenty of individuality to be found to keep players interested.

Attack: Once the sun sets, the monsters come out and play. During this time you will have to defend yourself, your teammates and your fort from total annihilation. Hopefully this will be more of a first person shooter feel.

Weapons: A wide array of weapons will likely be available via crafting and upgrading as you gather more resources. It would be cool to be able to set traps to capture monsters or unwanted guests.

Explore: When you’re not fending for your life why not explore what the world has to offer. Rumors have included exploring underground tunnels/caverns, finding rare loot, and much more!

Monsters: I think it’s safe to assume that there will be multiple types of bad guys here. All with their own strengths and weaknesses. And maybe even a progression of difficulty.

Hopefully my assumptions/hopes are close. I think that this game has the potential to be a hit with gamers and it’s only a matter of when before it happens. The game currently has no release dates, nor have they declared what platform they intend on releasing. In a perfect world it would be across all platforms, but we all know that’s not where we live.

I plan on following this game closely, so stay tuned for new information as it becomes available!

let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments!


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  • BlackBible

    Nice Nic

  • Kengmot

    I have been waiting to hear when this game is released since the VGA’s.  I am so disappointed that it is still hanging out there.  I am a mom of a teenage daughter, I think this game is going to be one that the whole family actually enjoys playing/watching.  All the elements together is the direction I’d like to see more games head towards.  The longer they hold out, the higher the expectations are going to be. 

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