Nintendo 3DS VS Playstation Vita: Holiday Rumble
by Rigogo on December 23, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

So the holidays are already among us and I’m sure plenty of you’re going to get a nice portable gaming system to play with while on the road. Aside from the phone in your pocket, there are two awesome portable video game devices available for the upcoming holiday that you can get your hands on. One being the Nintendo 3DS and the other being Playstation Vita. Both worthy opponents, but which one is better for your dollar?

First we’ll take a look at Nintendo’s 3DS. Just like the older version, it opens and closes to reveal a dual display. One’s touch screen, the other a 3D screen with a switch that can be turned on or off depending on how the gamer wants to play. The 3DS holds a game card slot in the back like the older versions and also plays all regular DS titles. Adding to the game card slot is an SD cardholder on the side, so you can even play your uploaded games. An analog circle pad is now located just on top of the regular D-pad. ABXY and L&R buttons are placed in the same position as the previous versions so nothing much has changed there. If all that wasn’t cool enough, the 3DS features a gyroscope motion sensor that reacts to tilts and other motions. There are two other facing cameras for 3D image capturing and recording also one facing towards you while playing. The 3DS is available in stores now for $169.99.

Lets recap:
-Dual screen
-3D On/Off
-Plays DS games
-SD Card slot
-Gyroscope Motion Sensor
-Analog pad
-3 Cameras in total

Now to take a look at the Sony’s Playstation Vita, which is available if you bought a import. Note: (US version won’t be available until February 22, 2012) Still it will make for a great late Valentines Day gift. It features a 5 inch OLED touch screen for HD gaming. There will also be a separate touch pad in the back of the device. Being the first to do something like this, I’m excited to see what Sony’s got up their sleeve. On release, there will be both a 3G and a Wi-Fi model available for purchase. The Vita’s hardware looks very similar to the previous PSP, most of the buttons have stayed in the same location, excluding the volume and home buttons. What makes the Vita such a great device is that it features dual analog joysticks, making the Vita feel like an actual Playstation controller. Same as the 3DS, the Vita has it’s own motion sensor. But instead of a gyroscope, it features a six axis motion sensor, sticking to Playstation standards. The Vita has a rear facing camera as well as a front facing one. It also has a microphone and an SD card slot that uses cards Sony produced. The Playstation Vita will be available soon during the winter season for a price of $249.99 for the Wi-Fi model and $299.99 for the 3G model.

Lets take another look:
-5 inch OLED touch screen
-Rear touch pad
-3G or Wi-Fi
-Six axis motion senor
-Dual analog sticks
-2 Cameras in total

So thats the break down. Seems like both are a pretty good choice, so I’ll leave it to you.

Will you pick the lovable and always playful Nintendo 3DS or will you go for the more powerful, sleek Playstation Vita?
Leave a comment below and share with us!
And from all of us at Gamerfitnation, we wish you Happy Holidays!

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  • Proform Pete

    I had a 3DS for a week and then returned it. I’ll be getting the vita. 

    • BlackBible

      LOL, I can’t wait for PS Vita myself

  • Yam

    I have a 3DS and lately all I use it for is SwapNote, so you can imagine…I’d like to pick up a gaming machine, and the Vita is that machine!

    • BlackBible

      I have a 3DS and I use it for gaming mostly. Professor Layton, Mario, Okami

  • Roycar

    I’m not looking forward to paying $50 for a portable game. Hope I’ll be able to rent..

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