Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure the 2011 Holiday’s Hottest Toy PS3
by Antwand Pearman on December 17, 2011 at 04:30 PM EST

Did you know Toys R Us names Skylanders to 2011 Hot Holiday Toy? Why? Well becasue it rocks! GamerFitNation Votes Skylanders as the Hottest Toy this year, and you should buy it!.  Toys R Us: Price: $69.99 <StarterPack

Heck if you’re lucky you may find the raw Silver SkyLanders


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  • BlackBible

    Ask me anything about this game I’ll do my best to help!

    • Wjvalentin1979

      The skylanders toy exclusive for target is exclusive florever?

      • BlackBible

        Most deals like that are, but I know it’s possible to find the toy in other places like Amazon and Ebay. Nothings truly exclusive.

        • Awbaseballstar

          Can you only find the silver ones at wal-mart? Or can you run into them at target or Toys-r-us because I don’t have a wal-mart near me :/

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  • Roger Lessor

    I’m one of those gamers where I think it might be to kiddish but after seeing the video if I find a good deal on it I would get it. It also looked like a cool concept just not sure if I want to buy the figures for more characters.

    • BlackBible

      Look I promise you one thing the game is awesome 

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