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  • Openworld Game lover

    This is about the Landowner (Buy a plot of land) Achievement


    I can’t buy lumber to make my own house ( The Lakeview Manor). I killed both vampires from the half-moon mill in the Dark Brotherhood quest “Kill Hern the vampire at Half-Moon Mill”. What can i do to get lumber for building my Lakeview Manor house.


    1. You can simply buy your wood at another mill, for example at Riverwood, they will deliver it to Lakeview (or any other manor).

    2. Or you can get an housecarl for your manor – any companion will do, just enter the house with him and then talk to him – and you can buy logs directly from him (same price).

    3. Falkreath itself has a mill in the town. The brother of the owner of grey pine goods sells the lumber. He often gets stuck in his house though as does the riverwood mill owner until you go find them and then they will go out to work at the mill.

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