True Gamer of the Week: CJ Washington
by Brittanyf on December 1, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

GamerFitNation presents CJ Washington as True Gamer of the Week

True Gamer

I wish I would have thought of it first, As a nation we need to put Health first, with that being said we now have “GamerFitNation” – CJ Washington

CJ tells us about himself and his business. Evolve Ent, a subsidiary of Evolve Media Group (EMG), is the leading portal for up-to-date news briefs, trending features, and popular web videos. The goal: To produce a more interactive, stylish, and media-friendly experience that changes the way users view exciting and innovative content across the realms of auto, entertainment, gaming, technology, and other news mediums.

Evolve Ent doesn’t only serve as a infotainment outlet that provides cutting-edge features, blurbs, and reviews—it also features an exclusive video channel that is regularly populated with the latest and most popular footage on the Web. And…If it’s Lifestyle content you’re searching for, we’ve got that too! Our dedicated staff creates content dedicated to fashion, footwear and everything in between.

The game that sparked your interest in Gaming: Gears of War, Call Of Duty, Batman, Zelda, NBA 2k, Madden

What keeps you gaming: The need to be amazed by the new technologies that are placed in the top franchise titles like Mario and Call Of Duty.

Workout regimen and eating habits: 2 to 3 days a week and I attempt to eat salads on a day-to-day basis

Advice to gamers who are struggling with weight issues: Stay active and stay motivated try to do push ups or jog in place during games

Health wise what are you goals:To have the body of a Greek God LOL is that asking too much?

Opinion on Health and Gaming: I feel its very much needed with today’s children in America suffering from child obesity we need to act fast to save life’s and video games and at an all time high in demand for children

Opinion on the current motion technology: I want more of the leading franchise brands to create more interactive titles that are just as interesting as their major headline titles.

GamerFitNation would like to thank CJ for taking time out of his busy scheduled to let us into his world. Welcome to the Club.

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