Turn the Beat Up
by Brittanyf on December 17, 2011 at 02:00 PM EST

This has been a fun week for me. I was able to go into the classroom and have some fun with the students. There is a new program that’s taking place at my father’s school. The kids have to have their heart rate up for three minutes. One class loves to run while his other class loves to dance. I enjoyed the dancing class. They formed a circle and turned up the music. After that, someone would jump in the middle and everyone would have to do what the person in the middle was doing. I loved how the girls would do something hard and the guys would jump around.

After the song was over they had a moment to rest and they went into their activity for the day. I was so happy to be there this week since they were playing volleyball. I loved playing volleyball in middle school. I miss it.

As I talked to the kids I saw so many different passions and goals. As one team sat out, they were talking about what they enjoy. I enjoyed talking to the boys, which is different for me. Some of them played football this year so I got to see them outside of school.

We talked about the importance of behaving at school. They may be able to get away with stuff in middle school but they will not be able to get away with in high school. I think they may have been listening for once. I have to make a plan to go play with them more often. I loved it..

I wish I could post the video I recorded, but I don’t have consent to post it right now.

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