Is Being Sore A Bad Thing?
by Alfredo on January 2, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Soreness could easily be a good or bad thing. It could be a sign of a good workout, a possible injury, or-unfortunately-an excuse for us to not workout. So is feeling sore a good or bad thing? And should one workout regardless of how sore they are? Soreness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and working out when sore can be a good thing. Here’s why!

So Is Feeling Sore A Bad Thing?
Feeling sore isn’t a bad thing. Why? Your body simply isn’t adjusted to the workout. Over time-which could more or less be a month-your body should get adjusted. However there are times when soreness could be a sign of an injury, so be careful and learn to know your limits.

Should I Workout Even If I’m Sore?
Most times we might think “well I’m feeling sore today, maybe I should take today’s workout session off and get back to it tomorrow.” So should the person workout? When I get sore, I use the day of the soreness to work on another part of the body. In reality it gives me a chance to dedicate time for another part of the body that’s well rested. So if I went for a good run today day, I’ll use tomorrow to work on my upper body. So in part, yes. But remember that our bodies need rest, so don’t push yourself to a point where that soreness becomes an injury.

Just to Mention It…
Soreness isn’t necessarily a sign of being in bad shape; it just means you went above your comfort zone. It’s like when a soccer player or a runner finish competing, they might feel a bit sore, not because they’re out of shape, but because their muscles are tired.

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