Kids Safety in Play Areas
by Brittanyf on January 21, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

The safety of your child is very important, and a lot of time we just want them to have to have fun. As a child going to McDonalds to play in the Playland or going to Burger King  to play on the slide and in the balls were the best part of the day. I even remember having parties at Burger King. It was what we loved to do.

I can remember my mom hearing stories about people putting needles in the balls and then I couldn’t play in them anymore. Well the story I heard this past week, hit me to the core. A little girl fell from the roof of a McDonald’s Playland. She fell 12 ft to the ground. They rushed her to the hospital because she had fallen a long distance. Thankfully, she only had a few bumps and bruises. She hit her bottom on the window ledge, but that was about it. I cringed as I heard this story because there is very little padding on the grounds of these play areas.

After her parents tried to figure out how she even got on the roof, they found a small access hole where the top of the Playland was not attached to the side. She had climbed up there and scooted over and then she fell.

Play areas are fun, and they are something to do on a cold or rainy day, but please check them out before your child goes in them. They just want to have fun, but as a parents, we want to keep them safe. A lady at Chick-fila had her older daughter check out the their play area before her three year old went inside. We were laughing because she said if her other daughter isn’t there she wont let the younger daughter play because she is scared she will get stuck inside and the kids will be mad at her. I would hate to see this happen to anyone else, so please be careful and alert in the play areas with your kids.

Have a great week gamers.


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