Skyscraper Heels & Trendy Kicks For Women and Men
by Jaz on January 23, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

Actress Jamie Chung Wearing Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

When it comes to fashion we all have our obsessions and the fabulosity factor of a shoe is NOT something I am willing to compromise. Shoes oftentimes are what will make the entire ensemble. Think Cinderella.

Ever see a seemingly unsightly article of clothing on the shelf that automatically transforms to beautiful once you put them on? This was my exact sentiments the day I discovered my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

It was accidental that I came across a fashion blog called over a year ago with people from all over the globe showcasing their style.  I had seen Jeffrey Campbell’s most popular style “Litas” in store windows, but never conceptualized putting them together with an outfit. Inspired by what I saw and how these women pulled them off I ran out and immediately bought a pair. When I tried them on I could not believe how comfortable they were. I’m already a decent height but with these shoes on I felt like Wonder Woman!

Jeffrey Campbell - Lita

Struck by their versatility and their likeness to the Empire State Building, I became a fan for life! NOT only can you match them with nearly everything in your closet but they come in a variety of different colors and textures. Word of advice to all my fashionistas out there, GET THEM! This is one investment in your wardrobe you will not regret. As for my male shoe aficionados, I got a little fashion suggestion for you too!

Jeffrey Campbell - Foxy

Are you a sneakerhead looking to change up your style? Allow me to introduce you to Maison Martin Margiela footwear, a high end fashion line that is NOTHING like the average pair of Nikes in your closet. The Maison Martin Margiela designs are very sleek and maintain a masculinity with a little edge in them. You can dress them up with a blazer or go for a more casual look with a t-shirt. If you’re tired of rockin’ the same ol’ kicks every other guy has then its very well worth the splurge. These will also be a definite hit with the ladies. Prices range in the neighborhood of  $400 to $700 dollars. However, if the prices are a little too steep for you then there are other alternatives. Aldo shoes carry a variety of affordable sneakers for men that are quite a bit similar to the Margiela design and sell for no more than $100. It doesn’t cost an arm or leg to be trendy!

That’s all for now shoe snobs and remember Valentine’s Day is just around the corner in case you want to treat your Queen or King to some foot candy!

Splurge - Maison Martin Margiela High Top Suede and Leather Sneakers

Steal - Aldo 'Rondel' High Top Sneakers

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    these are pretty rad, i totally want some!!

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