Suggestion Sunday: Do Something For Yourself
by Brittanyf on January 1, 2012 at 03:25 PM EST

Happy New Year!

In the fast pace life that we live in, sometimes you just have to do something for yourself. It could be major or minor, but do something. I have been thinking a lot about this upcoming year. I am not quite sure why, but I know that I want to enjoy it.

I’m planning a trip to some place I have never been. Plus I have never been on a plane so I’m ready to fly and take as many pictures as my memory cards can hold. Make time for yourself. I see mothers all the time who are just tired, and they simply need some me time. It may be as simple as getting a baby sitter for two hours and go out to eat with your husband or your friends.  You may just want to get the kids in the bed 20 minutes earlier and read a book. The small things in life can mean so much.

I have been at the hospital a lot lately, and this lady started talking to me. One thing that she said was, “Enjoy life while you can, because there comes a time when your walk slows down, and sight becomes dim.” It is a smiple message, but sometimes in our busy careers its hard to enjoy those things.

So Gamers, do something for yourself and have a wonderful year.

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