Weirdest Street Fighter Characters Ever
by Rigogo on January 27, 2012 at 02:16 PM EST

Over the years, the Street Fighter franchise has had too many characters to count with more being added to each title. Out of all the characters, some of them are really cool… and others or just kind of strange. Here is a list of the weirdest Street Fighter Characters ever to make it on a game.

Birdie is from Street Fighter and the Street Fighter Alpha series. He is a 70s English punk rocker and wrestler. His fighting style is of a street bawler and a professional wrestler. This can be a hazardous combination in any Street Fighter game.

Necro is from Street Fighter III. He was a man that was tricked and enslaved by Gill and the Illuminati to become the ultimate fighting machine. He was set to master the moves of both Dhalsim and Blanka. He is a pretty difficult character to master but having the ability to stretch and to conduct electricity at the same time, thats a deadly combination.

Rufus is from Street Fighter IV. What makes him such a unique fighter is that he is extremely over weight. With a character like that you would think that he would be ridiculously slow. Wrong! He is actually the fastest character in Street Fighter IV and he can probably kick your butt.

Hakan is from Super Street Fighter IV. He is a grapple fighter with a very odd ability. Hakan oils himself up for every fight and uses it to his advantage. It’s kind of hard to explain his style but he can be a fun character to play with.

Oro is from Street Fighter Third Strike. He is defiantly one of the weirdest characters ever. Oro is over one hundred years old with the body of a thirty year old. Oro is so powerful that he has to bind his right arm to himself just so he wont end up killing his opponent. At the end of the match Oro jumps into a small pouch he made himself and falls asleep. Now thats weird.

Twelve is from Street Fighter Third Strike. He is also a genetic mutant made by Gill like Necro. Only thing is that Twelve is the perfected version of Necro. His main goal is to track down Necro and destroy him. He kind of looks like a some type of ghost but when a character goes as far as transforming himself at will. Thats pretty creepy.

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