Easy and Simply Breakfast Ideas for Kids
by Brittanyf on February 4, 2012 at 02:00 PM EST

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, and it is even more important for kids. It gives them energy for the day. I remember growing up, my mom loved sleeping late, and my dad would be coaching on Saturday mornings. Mom would put my breakfast on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator or in the cabinet. She didn’t want me climbing on anything, because I thought I was monkey. I would jump on anything. As simple as it may be, I loved when she left me cereal. She would put my milk in my favorite cup, and I could pour my milk over my cereal like a big girl. : ) It’s the simple things that count when you are a kid.

Some morning I would have yogurt, applesauce, or pancakes. If she left me something light, I knew that she would make, what I called, a big breakfast when she woke up. I still enjoy making breakfast to this day, all because my mom would let me help. The first thing I learned how to make was pancakes. Apparently I loved colorful thing when I was kid, because she always made me blue or purple pancakes. If I had a sleepover, she always had to have colorful pancakes for my friends.

I know that busy school mornings can be crazy, but wake up five minutes earlier or prep breakfast the night before to make it easier. Get creative and make food that can be stored and warmed up during the week. Breakfast burritos are wonderful to make on the weekend when you have time, and easy to warm up during the week. Instant is always amazing. Instant oatmeal or grits are wonderful, quick and easy. They also come in a variety of flavors. I’m a plain Jane, but let them try different flavors, they may like them. Eggs are delicious and quick to make. I loved hard-boiled eggs, so mom would boil a half dozen on the weekend and put them in a zip lock bag for me to grab one or two with some toast. Fresh or frozen waffles and pancakes are great as well. I loved toaster strudels, but I would get mad when my design didn’t look like the design on TV. (I know I was weird.) Sandwiches and fruit are also quick and easy. I’m still a PB&J fan to this day, and they filled you up while sticking to your mouth.

Breakfast does not have to be hard, with some simple planning; anyone could start their day off on the right food. Take time this weekend to plan some breakfast ideas, and enjoy.


Just wondering, what is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? 

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