Vibram Five Fingers: Bikila Review
by Alfredo on February 27, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers: Bikila Review $90.00

Vibram Five Fingers: Bikila

Maker: Vibram

Price: $90.00

At some point we’ve all come across Vibram Five Fingers. Whether it was through an ad, maybe you saw them at the store, or the person next to you at a race was wearing them. Regardless we’ve all seen Vibram Five Fingers and wondered what they feel like, what’s so different about them-aside from their look, and why are they becoming more common? Luckily I got the chance to try them out; honestly they were great and far better than what I expected them to be. What makes me say that? Here’s my review on the Vibram Five Finger Bikilas.
Vibram Five Fingers
Vibram Five Fingers brings runners back to the basics of body mechanics, they let your body work the way it was intended to work-and it feels great! They feel comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. It doesn’t matter where you run, it can be in the street or on a dirt trail, the sole makes it so that twigs, rocks, or anything that might hurt you if you were barefoot, feel okay. I was running over twigs, little rocks, etc. and it was awesome because those things didn’t bother me!

So how do you know of Vibram Five Finger Bikilas (VFFB) are right for you?

Vibram Five Fingers Bikila are made of stretch polyminde, which is insanely cool, why? They adjust to the width of your foot! It feels like you’re wearing a glove on your foot. VFFB are also good for running short and long distances! Whether you’re up for a 3 mile run, 10 mile run, half marathon, or even an entire marathon, these shoes will comfortably take you through your journey-assuming you had the proper training.

What are some of the cool features of Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas?

The reflective patches are cool because they make it a bit safer to run as it gets darker outside. The strap to tie the shoe is extremely convenient.With a regular running shoe I could be running and suddenly, my shoe laces will become untied. It really sucks to be running, and then breaking your rhythm so you could retie your shoes. With Bikilas you don’t have to deal with that because there are no laces to be untied! Also, the strap in no way prevents you from tying that time chip you’re given at races.

Very importantly, Bikilas have the same cushion around the Achilles tendon that you’d expect from any running shoe. If you’ve ever done the mistake of not wearing socks while wearing your running shoes, you know what happens; that thin layer of skin over the Achilles tendon cuts and you start to bleed. (ouch!) Thankfully, the not wearing socks issue is avoided, I wore these and was fine by the time I finished running. No cuts of any sort.

Because of the great traction, going up or down a rock filled hill isn’t problem. Eventually you find yourself using your toes more than you would’ve probably imagined, which over time builds strength you never thought you had.

Vibram Five Fingers

Final Thoughts on Vibram Five Fingers:
Bikilas are great running footwear. They feel incredibly comfortable; I honestly have no complaints about them whatsoever. I love how I can use them where I please, and I think it’s great that unlike other shoes by Vibram, these are particularly made for running. They really fulfilled my needs for running as far as footwear goes and left an overall good impression on me and the people I run with.

After all your reading, If I still didn’t answer any question(s) you might have about the Vibram Five Finger Bikilas, leave a comment and ask. You could also purchase or learn more about the Vibram Bikilas here.

My Final Score For The Vibram Five Fingers:

I give the Vibram Five Fingers: Bikila a ten of out 10
Vibram Five FingersVibram Five Fingers



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  • Gregory Laporte

    Great Review these shoes look great for barefoot running

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    Very well written review! I have been looking at a pair for a while myself and this article provides great information.

  • Brittany Figaro

    I want these!!!!!!

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