Worst Video Game Ideas Ever
by Rigogo on March 2, 2012 at 02:26 PM EST

Have you ever wanted a game so bad that you went out and bought it without even checking out a review for it? Have you gotten to your home just to find out your beloved game that you once had excitement for is a piece of crap? We’ve all had that happen to us at least once in our video game experience. It just sucks that all that time and money was spent on making a very, very terrible video game.

Here is a list of 5 really bad videogame ideas.

Irritated Stick
Irritated Stick is based off a popular Japanese game show called Dengeki Iraira Bou. “Irritating Stick” is a game usually played in carnivals that involves moving a spinning stick through a series of mazes without touching the edges. If you do, you get zapped! The big question on everyones mind is, why did a carnival game get turned into a video game?

Where’s Waldo
Ok, so maybe the book is a good game to play with kids, but this? Look at that picture… They’re ALL Waldo! Unfortunately, the graphics for this game are so terrible and makes it nearly impossible to actually find Waldo. This game would probably workout better with today’s graphics, but certainly not on the NES. Well, at least Waldo does have a pair of glasses you can look for, maybe that’ll make it a bit easier to find him.

Wild Woody
I’m not gonna lie, it has a decent name but who is really gonna want to play a game about pencils? This game was made for the SEGA Saturn, (a system ahead of its time) and sold like ice in the winter. In wild Woody you are a pencil that erases his enemies with the top of his head… and if this game wasn’t lame enough, you get a special power that allows you to draw things for no reason! WOW!

Superman 64
I feel bad about this one because I like Superman, but “Superman 64″ is something else. Ok, so it wasn’t a bad idea for a game but it was definitely a bad look for the Superman franchise. Not only was this game filled with poor graphics and poor controls, but the critics really went in with the negative reviews. GameSpot’s Joe Fielder declared Superman 64 as being the worst video game that he had ever played, also stating “it serves no purpose other than to firmly establish the bottom of the barrel.” OUCH!

Michael Phelps: Push the Limit
Now Michael Phelps is one of my favorite athletes, but this video game is just ridiculously bad. Using the Kinect You flare your arms around your living room like your a fish out of water. This makes your swimmer on the screen move and swim around. Maybe this game would be better if you could actually use a pool. Check out the video for yourself.

What do you guys think?
Is there a video game you feel is worst than all of these?
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