Healthy Gaming leads to Great Rewards with Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 14, 2012 at 03:52 PM EST

“Players can earn Vitality Points for improving their health through Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved and Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2012, Ubisoft’s breakthrough fitness games”

-Press Release-

Humana Inc., one of the nation’s leading health care companies, announced today that it is extending its partnership with video game leader Ubisoft by offering rewards for healthy gaming.

Through its revolutionary wellness and loyalty solution, HumanaVitalitySM, HumanaVitality members are now able to seamlessly earn Vitality Points for exercising using Ubisoft’s breakthrough fitness games, Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved and Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2012, available exclusively on Kinect, for Xbox 360®. This partnership marks the first time a fitness video game has been integrated with a health care solution in this way.

This agreement furthers Humana?s commitment to making fun things healthy and healthy things fun, said Shankar Ram, Vice President of Innovation for Humana. By integrating with Your Shape, HumanaVitality members can automatically earn Vitality Points that may be redeemed for items such as electronics and hotel stays. These types of aspirational incentives will motivate and encourage people to make healthier choices.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012? features three Humana-sponsored workout programs:

  • Strengthen Your Heart  focused on high blood pressure 
  • Active Kids  targeted at preventing childhood obesity 
  • Aging With Grace  designed to help seniors with mobility and agility 

HumanaVitality members can automatically begin earning points on Monday, March 26. To log their data, members will link their personalized Humana Fit account to the Your Shape Center, an online component of the Xbox Kinect game. Similar to Humana Fit  which is a free, interactive web platform  the Your Shape Center will help people reach their health potential with exercise tracking. Following the one-time setup, all activities logged via Your Shape will automatically transfer workout data for HumanaVitality and Humana Fit members.

Now HumanaVitality members will receive 15 Vitality Points per day for burning at least 200 calories while playing ?Your Shape, which equals a 30-to-60 minute workout, said Joe Woods, CEO of HumanaVitality. Through this program, we are offering a total health solution that combines gaming, rewards and self-tracking by creating a motivating, personalized experience.

While only HumanaVitality members can earn Vitality Points through the video game, anyone can synch their Humana Fit account to Your Shape 2012 in order to monitor calories burned in real-time. This functionality will help people view their progress and keep their momentum and motivation high.

Source: Ubisoft Press Release

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