Mass Effect 3 (360) Demo Impression
by Alfredo on March 2, 2012 at 10:00 AM EST

Mass Effect 3 is only days away from being released and by now most of us have played the demo. For being a demo, they let you do quite a lot. Like what?

The Mass Effect 3 demo lets you take on a solo mission, either as Shepard or a custom character. Story wise the game seems to take a good path. It takes place in the future, aliens are invading Earth, and so it’s up to you to kick some extraterrestrial booty. The gameplay is awesome, there’s no lag of any sort, I like it. You can run, take cover behind objects, do melee attacks, etc. (basically everything you’d expect from a Mass Effect game-if you’ve played them before). The solo mission gives you plenty of enemies to fight, letting you experience enough to either convince you of whether you get it or not.

Online co-op is up to 4 players, they can be random people or made of friends. There’s a wide range of classes and races to choose from, and you can play with friends. Co-op is filled with more characters than the solo mission. There are characters such as the phantoms which just happen to appear out of nowhere and start attacking you.

The visuals and audio of the game are great. Everything’s blowing up and laser beams are being thrown everywhere! It’s very cinematic and makes you feel as if you really were a part of the game.

Overall the demo was fun; it certainly offered more than your average demo. I enjoyed the online play a bit more, only because of the fact that I got to see more enemies. The demo does a great job of showing a small part of what the game has to offer. The only aspect the demo failed to show-and I was really hoping to try this out-was it’s Kinect experience. But overall the demo was fun and gave me reason to expect great things from the final product. Mass Effect 3 is set for release in North America March 6, and in Europe March 9.

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