MLB 12 The Show Review (PS3)
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on March 28, 2012 at 12:53 PM EST

MLB 12 The Show

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Console: PS3

Release Date: March 6th, 2012

The number one rated baseball game is back again with MLB 12 The Show. Does this title hit a homerun or does it ground out. Read our full review to find out!

Single player:

Here we are again, spring is upon us, the weather is great, the birds are chirping and we have a new baseball game for review. Now, I do not consider myself the most diehard fan of baseball and the video games that are out year after year. After reviewing MLB 11 The Show I figured that once you played one baseball game that you have played them all. I have to tell you all that I was so wrong in that regard. MLB 12 The show surprised me immensely. The game is a baseball fan’s dream.  The game has several fleshed out modes that allow you take part in all that the game has to offer. Modes such as franchise mode, exhibition matches, road to the show, homerun derby, and the online dynasty/challenge modes provide a plethora of content that will leave even the most enthusiastic of baseball fans with work to do.

Exhibition mode allows you to play a pickup game with any team you choose in a match of up to nine innings. This is the best mode for brushing up on your skills and getting used to the gameplay. There are a few other modes, which diehard baseball fans are going to love to play. These modes are franchise mode and the road to the show. Road to the show allows you to create a character and take him from the minor leagues to the big leagues. In this mode, you will create your character from the ground up and control him specifically during games. Each great play you make increases your player’s stats.

Franchise mode allows you to pick a historical baseball franchise like my Boston Red Sox or the rival Yankees and allows you to be the GM of that team allowing you to dictate how things are run in that specific clubhouse. There are many things you can do such as, practices to make players better, trades, releasing players, and signing players to help you become a better team in the end while you hunt for a pennant and World Series championship. You also have to determine cost effective travel and pitching match ups for each game that you will play. This has an effect on the team’s play for that game.


Gameplay in any baseball title is simple. You pitch, field, bat, and run bases until the innings are done. What makes the show different from last years’ iteration is that they totally redone the way control your players. You can still use the PlayStation move for pitching and batting which makes the game even more realistic.

The most proficient use you will get out of the gameplay is during the Road to the show mode. As I mentioned before this mode allows you to create your own baseball player and control him specifically during games. As you play each game, you will be able to better his stats depending on how well he does. What makes this mode great is the fact that you will have direct control over your player for the most part of the game. This year MLB 12 allows for full integration of the PS move controller, which allows you to have complete control over everything in the game.

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