Becoming A Healthy Gamer Can Be Easy!
by Alfredo on April 16, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Gaming can easily distract a person from living a healthy lifestyle. It’s so easy to pick up your controller and play online for countless hours while snacking on all those tasty foods that aren’t good for you. Just as that’s easy, it’s also easy to be a healthy gamer! How exactly? How does one go about changing a totally comfortable lifestyle into another? Consider these tips if you’re trying to live healthier while staying true to your gaming ways.

Game Healthy

This one’s probably not much of a shocker, but get a game that will get you moving. There are so many games on all three major consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii) that could get your body moving. There’s everything from workouts to dancing, take advantage of this technology. Achievements are a great way to push you towards better health!

Switch Snacks

Snacks can be healthy and delicious! Try different fruits and vegetables and check out different dips. I personally like snacking on carrots with ranch dip, dried fruit, or fresh fruit. But we’ve all got that weak spot, that one snack we just can’t say no to. So rather than completely throwing it out of the picture-because this is supposed to be easy-you can reward yourself once a week.

Find Your Inner Image

What does “Find Your Inner Image” mean and how do you do that? It means you aim at having the body you wish. You do that by focusing on the certain areas you want to improve. So if you want to have abs like Hope Solo (which you can find here) or David Beckham-or whoever-you can have them! Do the right exercises, stick to the goal, and you will achieve it!

Be Positive

If you’re finding it hard to do all these exercises and eating these foods, rather than saying “this sucks, I want out” find out why it sucks and how you can make it better. If it’s the food, look for ways to make it better. If the exercises seem hard, remember, know your limits and don’t lie to yourself. When I was trying to lose the extra weight I was carrying, I’d go out for runs. I was realistic, I wasn’t going to be able to go on 10 mile runs and expect to feel great. However, I’d go for light jogging for about an hour every two or three days, gradually I increased the mileage and eventually I started running marathons. It wasn’t the quickest journey, but I got there.

Becoming healthier isn’t about dieting; it’s about grabbing and holding onto a new healthy lifestyle. So you will eventually reach your goal if you stay true to your goal.  Also just because you start living healthier doesn’t mean you can’t be true to yourself as a gamer. You being healthier just means your chances of lasting longer to play more games are increased!

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