Borderlands 2 Pax Preview: The Uncharted 2 of the FPS/RPG Genre
by Gregory Laporte Editor Vice President on April 11, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Title: Borderlands 2

Release Date: Sept 18th

Price: $59.99

Genre: 1st Person Shooter/ RPG

Publisher: 2KGames

Developer: Gearbox Software

Consoles: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Pax East may be finished but that does not mean we have to stop talking about all of the great games and events that happened. The next preview that we have for you today is a title that is among many gamers’ list for most anticipated titles of the year. It is gearbox’s software FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands 2.

In the demo, we were allowed to play at Pax we played a mission in an area that was riddled with dangerous and treacherous enemies and environments. The object of our mission was simple. Our mission given by Marcus from borderlands 1 was to seek out his safe and found items that he was missing. We had the chance to play the game via local co-op and had the choice of playing as Mya the siren or the gunzerker.

The concept art style that was started in part one has been exponential improved. The game looks like a great HD cell shaded adventure something that most games could not replicate. The game looks amazing and I was blown away by how the characters and enemies looked. The overall presentation is great and looks vivid and crisp. The most interesting factor about this is that when I look at the graphics and overall look in the game it reminded me of Uncharted 2. I know both are different games but where they relate is in the overall quality from the first title to the second title. You can see the maturation in Borderlands 2 and I have to say it is looking like a game that has been greatly, redefined and perfected in every way possible.

Secondly, I noticed something significant about the game that I didn’t think would be possible after beating the first game. The game has gotten significantly difficult. It must have been awhile since I played the first game, or maybe I was a little rusty but after playing co-op with another person, I noticed many things. I noticed harder enemies, larger enemies and me being on my knees trying to kill that last pest to recover my life from a final stand. That is when I realized that patience would be important in succeeding in this game. There are also enemies that will require you to use your head to find weak spots in order to damage them. One enemy I fought like that was a golem, which had gold on its arms. After you destroyed the gold ore, you were able to pick it up for loot. There will be a ton of cash lying around after its defeated and its great racking in the cash.

A great aspect of the first game was that there was a ton of weapons, cash, and just plain loot lying around. Well you will be pleased to know that when I played it looked like they took this formula and upped it up 100%. There were tons of guns, ammo, and items lying there on the ground just looking to be picked up. If you love collecting loot have no fear because there will be a ton of that in this game.

My favorite part of the hands on has to be the weapons. Weapons in the demo are great. Since my siren was already preloaded at being level, 20 there were many high level guns that were in my arsenal. The guns are really unique and powerful this time around. Some weapons also have the ability to stun enemies when you shoot them that allows you to get a few extra hits into some of the enemies. They are really high tech and sci-fi and have many different properties.

In conclusion, if what we witnessed at Pax was any inkling of what we can expect to see from the finished and final product, Borderlands 2 has the potential to become the “Uncharted 2 of the FPS/RPG genre in our current generation”. I will stand by this claim and hold this true as we look forward to the September 18th when we head back into Pandora. If you have not pre-ordered this game yet, I feel bad for your gaming soul because you are missing out on what seems to be a great contender for game of the year. I will stick by these claims to the end.  Borderlands 2 a must buy!

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  • Alan Mail

    the game isnt an rpg even if it has minor features

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